Tuesday, 31 October 2017

"Create A Powerful Home Office Space With Feng Shui"

Make A Powerful Home Office Space

Do you do your business at home? What does your home office look like?

We often do everything in our office desk. From reading the papers, checking the mails, writing things to sometimes eating our food. All of these activities create chaos on our table.

We all know that keeping a cluttered table and office space has a lot of disadvantages. It keeps us from being productive, making it hard for us to look for documents and pieces of stuff that we need for our work.

5 Steps To Creating Wealth Thanks To Feng Shui

In feng shui, your office or home office is a place of power. It's a space where you do your business. This is a good reason enough to make it clean at all times.

7 Secrets To Powerful Business Feng Shui

Below are tips on how to make your home office into a place of power.

1. Organize and declutter your space. Clutter is bad feng shui. We often use a lot of things, from gadgets, clips to papers. Make sure to throw into the garbage the things that have no use and to put your gadgets in one place. Bundle the cables and wires to reduce their spread in your place.

Opportunities Knock On Doors With Good Vibes

2. Choose your table carefully. Sharp corners in our desk can accidentally hurt us. It can also stop the flow of energy in our office space. When buying office tables, choose tables that have no sharp objects.

3. You are the king of your business and the chair is your throne. Choose chairs that have excellent support and makes you comfortable.

4. Place your desk in the powerful or command position. If possible, the wall should be behind you and you must have a good view of the window. You should be able to see who's coming inside the office without being in line with the door.

5. Your office should be a place for productivity and success. Choose the colors and the decorations well. Bring out your creativity in designing your office.

6. Consider the light and air quality of your space. Your health is important. Put indoor plants and let the natural light inside your office.

The office is where we do business. Love your space. Have a good relationship with your office and it will definitely help you create a good flow of the energy of money or wealth.

If you want to know more or you need help with the flow of energy in your space, visit my website at www.wealthyspaces.com.

Monday, 30 October 2017

"What You Need to Do before You Feng Shui Your Home"

As a human mind we are all eager to get started on what can we do to make the best of what we have-how to improve our lives and of course Feng Shui is definitely one of those steps.  However, we all like to be the hare in the race and get there without having gone through a process. 

The above animation was made to emphasis the importance not only that you have to do the following before starting Feng Shui Implementation but it is also about Timing:

1.  Clear all Clutter or stuff you are holding onto in your home; hoarding, keeping a tight grip on old things gathering durst, moth beaten goods.

2. You Must Space Clear where you are moving into, where you have lived for many years or if you have arguments, tragedy has happened or even a death.

I am in a hotel in Dubai now where they practice the concept of cleansing their hotel daily using simple methods of charcoal and a particular resin that is renowned for dissipating unwanted aromas as well as dispelling patterns created by other peoples dramas, emotions and conflicts.

You can find out more about these two activities here:  http://bit.ly/2jl1lyW

Once the two steps have been taken your place of abode is already starting to feel different and THEN we start on the Feng Shui Steps; here are 5 Simple Steps to implement right away:

  1. Ensure the entrance to your home has flowers or plants; brass hardware on the doors is shining.
  2. Take out mirrors in the bedroom or do not sleep opposite; take out all electronics in the bedroom
  3. Locate your good fortune & helpful people areas - usually diagonally opposite each other.
  4. In the kitchen make sure the fire-oven facilities are separate from  the water-sink facilities.
  5. Be aware of what your mirrors are duplicating in your home.
Of course the above is just the tip of the iceberg in what you can implement and there is far more to consider and do.  If you are one of those people who realise that your environment is constantly dictating to you sublimely then I invite you to contact me and find out more about my courses and consultations ate www.wealthyspaces.com.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Letting Go And Moving On With Feng Shui

Starting A New Life With Feng Shui

Everybody goes through up and down. In our lifetime we get to meet different people and undergo different experiences. The good times gives us memories to look back to and the bad times gives us lessons to learn.

Starting a new life is not hard, but it's not that easy either. It's an emotional thing. It takes time to heal and it will take time to move on.

7 Feng Shui Steps To A Healthier Life

Feng shui is about going through a personal experience that gives you a brand new life. It's about making that shift in your life.

Below are tips on how to make a brand new start.

1. Go for change. Try changing the little things in life. You can try a different way of going to the store or try to use the stairs as much as possible. Staying in your comfort zone will never do you  good. Change no matter how big or small can make you look at things in another perspective and let you gain new experiences.

2. Put some paintings on your wall. Paintings will make your wall look so refreshing. Choose paintings that have a view of nature.

Feng Shui And The Power Of Sound Vibrations

3. Give your front door a new look. The main entrance of your house is the mouth of chi. It's where the energy of happiness, wealth, health and other kinds of live energy comes in. You can repaint it, change the doorknob or put something that will make your home look better.

4. Start learning a new skill. Nobody's too old to learn something new. Learn how to play a musical instrument or perhaps a new craft.

Inside Out Feng Shui

5. Reconnect with your good old friends or some family members. Due to our busy lives, we don't always have the chance to spend some quality time with our friends and love ones. Just a simple call or a walk in the park will make a difference.

6. Give importance to your health. Health is wealth. We live in a fast-paced life that we tend to unconsciously neglect our health. Start doing 5-minute exercise, then increase the length of time little by little.

Making a brand new start is not a New Year's Day thing. If you feel that you have lost the excitement and the essence of life, don't hesitate to make little changes. Shift the energy in your space and bring back the life that you used to have.

To know more or if you have questions about feng shui, go to my website at www.wealthyspaces.com.

Getting To Know Feng Shui

The Truth About Feng Shui

We always hear about the word feng shui. However, our knowledge about it is very limited. We think that it is just about arranging the things in our space for the purpose of abundance.

Declutter In Seven Easy Steps

Below are the eight things that you don't know about feng shui.

1. Feng shui is not a trend. This philosophy has been used for more than three thousand years and is gaining popularity in the West because of its effectiveness.

2. We are surrounded by energy. It is the only constant force in the universe. Feng shui deals with using this energy in a way that it will affect us in a positive way.

3. The five elements of feng shui are earth, water, fire, wood, and metal. Harmony and balance come from using the five elements in a correct way.

7 Steps To Space Cleansing

4. Using the Bagua map is important when applying feng shui in your home. It is an important tool in feng shui and it should be used correctly.

5. Specific colors represent each of the five elements. Green and brown are for the wood element, Light yellow, light brown and earthy colors belong to the earth element, the red, orange and pink colors belong to the fire element, the white and gray colors are for the metal element, and blue and black color belong to the water element.

6. There are some places in our space that are more important than others. These spaces can affect our health, wealth and relationships.

7. The main entrance of a property is important. It is called the mouth of chi.It should be inviting and free from any clutter.

Opportunities Knock On Door With Good Vibes

8. Feng shui is about the powers of nature. It is about using what mother nature has given us to make a positive living. When constructing or renovating your home, prefer to have bigger doors and windows to let the sunshine in. Use indoor plants to purify the air that you breathe in your space.

Applying good feng shui in our place is a must. When there's balance in your space, peace, and harmony exist which means happiness and prosperity.

If you want to know more about it or if you have questions about feng shui, visit my website at www.wealthyspaces.com.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The Homeless & Feng Shui

This video was taken in one of the inner cities in U.K. but the scene is quite a common spectacle in many cities across U.S.A. and U.K.  In U.K. alone there are 850.000 properties empty - yes can you believe that?  No one lives in them some in areas quite attractive some of those houses owned by the government-the council of that area.

I myself have worked in housing throughout the U.K. as well as being a property developer too!  The one good feature about the hot property train in the U.K. is that private developers have been prepared to renovate properties that were just being wasted and uninhabitable.  That is, private funding has breathed the Dragon Energy into these places making them more attractive for people to want to own or rent them.

However, streets and streets of houses were left empty for years a particular example of this was the Welsh Streets in south Liverpool where Ringo Starr of the Beatles grew up.  I actually visited a client there once who was the last resident on the street and the one thing that stood out was she continued to have her hanging basket of flowers outside her home.

Yes, even when all around you is delapidated and fading if you can reach in to your own energy well and bring this out then it shifts everything else you see.  But what happens when you have nowhere to live?  There is no availability?  There are thousands of families alone in London living out of hotels and bed and breakfast dwellings.

Only 8 of the families affected by the Grenfell Disaster have been rehoused everyone else is in temporary accommodation.  How can you Feng Shui your environment when you have nowhere else to go, live or be part of?

When thousands of people have been deemed homeless because suddenly huge superpowers want to bomb your residence for no other reason because they can then where do you go and what do you do?  One day you are a nurse working in a hospital the next day you are climbing a mountain with nothing but the clothes on your back!

What happens as a result if this affects peoples' self worth, their mental health, their whole value in life.  What other people take for granted these people are wondering which is the best place to stay safe, warm and sane.

The solution to homelessness is quite simple really for the U.K. - one of the richest countries in the world cannot provide houses for people to buy or rent?  Here is my list of points why there is insufficient housing and some of it has a lot to do with the Feng Shui of the Country itself:

  1. This country has so much land in which it could spread out into but what has happened is the government has ensured that everybody has been herded into small areas where people are living on top of each other -  this is all about social control.  Having lived all over this country when I visited places like Hampshire, Somerset, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire there were plenty of spaces there for people to live - yes employment is the big driver but never before have we been able to live in place which no longer require us to be at the place of work.
  2. In the areas mentioned above many people live there surrounded with their fancy gates and their big walls for keeping people out - but all the pushing of people into small spaces in the U.K. has now created social unrest and is not a recipe for a society that calls itself a democracy.
  3. The issues regarding lack of housing has led to huge mental health problems, brick walls for a future for many have caused an upsurge and epidemic in drug related crimes and behaviour.
  4. I come from an inner city area and I had to leave the city there were no opportunities and nothing in my vision could see any future there- this is why I am a proponent of Feng Shui because I know that environments determine the kind of aspirations or possibilities you could imagine for yourself.
  5. It is a reason why people invest in private education alone because the environments in which the children are educated are immediately uplifting and elevating-there is nothing more soulless than being surrounded by concrete all day.

If you resonate with some of the above sentiments feel free to comment or contribute alternatives to the above opinion.  Know that nature, colour, vibration, energy and frequency all contribute to how you shape your view of the world and if you want to change yours look no further than: www.wealthyspaces.com

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Feng Shui Tips For You

Easy Feng Shui Tips For A Better You

Our world right now is changing so fast that we can hardly keep up. We are connected in ways that nobody ever imagined. However, sometimes, we feel left out, disconnected and alone.

We've been clearing our space and cleaning our whole place to get rid of stress and bad energy. But sometimes we wonder why we still feel less energized.

7 Steps To Healthier Living

We may not know this but in feng shui, when we live a life by watching, typing, reading, and texting, we have too much of the metal energy. This causes imbalance and affects our health. Feeling of disconnection, out of control, trapped, numb, loneliness and headache are some of its symptoms.

Follow these simple steps to get rid of these feelings and be happy.

1. Have some gadget-free time. It may be a day or even for just a few hours. Unplug and turn off your electronic devices and enjoy the silence of your home.

Inside Out Feng Shui

2. Be with mother nature. Go to the park or some quiet place where there are lots of trees. Inhale and feel the freshness of the air.

3. Use the power of stones and crystals. They were already being used since the ancient times. They help release any tension that you feel within and around you.

4. Aromatherapy is a powerful tool that you can also use. Use the scents of either cedarwood, frankincense, lavender or sandalwood. Their scents relaxes your body and calm your mind.

5. Display ceramics in your house. They're good examples of the earth element that you can use in your space.

7 Steps To Space Cleansing

6. Use the power of colors. Brown, beige and other neutral colors that you can use. You can wear it or make it the color of your curtains.

7. Put plants in your space. They are live energy.
8. Consume root veggies such as carrots, beets, radish, turnip, and parsnip.

Try them in your space and see and feel the difference. Don't be afraid to experiment. They're easy to do, good for your health and will not cost you much money.

To learn more about feng shui, its benefits and how you can use them in your life, visit my website at www.wealthyspaces.com.

Quick Fixing Your Home With Feng Shui

Bring In Good Feng Shui In Your Home In Minutes

The modern world that we live in made it possible for us to do different things in a short period of time. However, being able to multi-task at work drains our energy. It lessens the time that we spend taking care of our homes.

This makes us feel stressed, still tired and is too lazy to move. It, in turn, affects our mood, relationship, and even opportunities. All this affects our health.

In feng shui, our house should be arranged in a way that it brings in good energy in our space. A space filled with good energy brings in peace and harmony.

7 Steps To Healthier Living

Try these easy steps to create a good feng shui home in minutes:

1, Make sure that your home has sufficient lighting. Dark spaces have a negative impact on one's mood while light uplifts and lightens the mood.

2. Open your windows and let the fresh air inside your home.

3. Add some plants and flowers in your space. They breathe life.

4. Burn a sage stick. It's one of the easiest ways to get rid of bad energy in your space.

Inside Out Feng Shui

5. Remove the dust in your things, polish your countertops and take out the trash. Dust and trash are bad for your health and bad feng shui as well.

6. Play good music and dance to the rhythm of it. This relaxes your body and makes you happy.

7. Use lavender oil in your home. The scent will help you create balance in your home.

8. Close the toilet lids and the door of your bathroom all the time. The drains in the bathroom carry away your chi and lead it to the sewer. It translates to draining your wealth.

7 Steps To Space Cleansing

The steps mentioned above are just little things but when added up will make an impact in your home.

If you want to learn more or if you have questions about feng shui, visit my website at www.wealthyspaces.com.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Feng Shui, Happiness And Your Home

Create A Happy Home With Feng Shui

Christmas is coming and we hear a lot about love, joy, peace, and happiness. We were taught as a child that it is a happy season, a time to be merry. But most of the time, we end up going home to a lonely, troubled house.

In feng shui, happiness and clutter can never be on the same side. When your space is in disarray, you'll feel miserable No matter how big or grand the house is, if your space is filled with bad energy then you'll never be truly happy.

Inside Out Feng Shui

Below are simple tips on how to make our house a happy home.

1. Bring in good and fresh energy into your home. Flowers, indoor plants, and fresh fruits are a good source of live energy. Fruits symbolize wealth and plants are good air purifiers.

2. Refrain from bringing in television and gadgets into your bedroom. Your bedroom is a place for rest. Gadgets keep you from sleeping. When you have less sleep, you will feel grumpy and you get irritated easily.

Feng Shui And The Power Of Sound Vibrations

3. Rearrange your furniture. This will shift the energy flow in your home.

4. Play beautiful music in your home. This will give you a relaxing feeling.

5. Let there be light. Make sure that there are no dark areas in your home. Bring in natural light as much as possible.

6. Put pictures that will remind you of the happy times. The living room and the dining room are the best areas to display those pictures.

7. Learn how to give space to each other. There will always be a time when we don't want to be disturbed by other family members. Respect is one of the major ingredients to peace in the home.

7 Steps To Space Cleansing

Always remember that the first thing that you should do is de-clutter. Get rid of the things that you don't need and follow the simple steps above and you're on your way to creating a healthier relationship and a happy home.

To learn more about feng shui and how it can help you make things better, visit my website at www.wealthyspaces.com.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Good Feng Shui Your Bathroom

The Easy Steps In Creating A Feng Shui Bathroom

A bathroom is an important part of the house. It's a part of our home where we do our personal hygiene activities.

A good feng shui bathroom can help you create a good place for renewal and release all the unwanted things in your life.

You don't need to spend so much in order to have a nice bathroom. The most important thing is your place is it is clean, organized, well ventilated and well-lit.

7 Steps To Healthier Living

Below are simple ways on how to create a good feng shui bathroom.

1. Clean and always close the toilet seat. Water is regularly flushed down the toilet. In feng shui water is wealth so closing down the toilet after every use minimizes the loss of money.

2. Pay attention to your bathroom door. Make sure that the back is not cluttered. Doors are the entryway of energy. Make sure that you can open it more than 90 degrees.

De-clutter In 7 Easy Steps

3. Pay close attention to your lighting. Lightings symbolizes fire energy. They represent the fire in you. Your dreams, desire, and ambition. Most of the time, we take them for granted. They collect dust. Make your room brighter by dusting your lighting or change it to higher wattage.

4. Say goodbye to your unused cosmetics and toiletries. We take so much effort in clearing our bedroom, living room and kitchen that we forget to clean our bathroom. Get rid of expired products because they are considered as clutter.

7 Steps To Space Cleansing

To know more about feng shui and how it can help you in your daily life, visit my website at www.wealthyspaces.com.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The Feng Shui Must Have's In Your Living Room

10 Important Things In Creating A Feng Shui Living Room

Most people think that having an organized home with nice things on it is already a good feng shui. They tend to think that a beautiful house is a "chi" filled home. But that is not the case. 

home with good feng shui is not about having an organized space that makes you not want to move. It's not all about creating a place with nice or expensive things that will limit your movement for the fear of breaking some expensive decorations.

Feng shui is about living the life. When it comes to home it means creating a clutter-free home and have the things that you love and makes you happy

These are the 10 must-haves in your living room.

1. Use soft billowy, light colored curtains. They add softness and breezy ambiance to your space.

2. Add candles in your living room. They create a warmth and calming effect. 

3. Musical instruments add vibrant energy to your place.

4. Plants can purify the air you breathe. Put it in strategic areas in your space.

5. Decorate your living room with art pieces that will remind you or speak about your vision in life.

6. A large mirror can make your space look bigger. 

7. Buy things that have at least multiple uses. Storage is important in any space.

8. Always keep a space clearing kit in your room. You're going to need them to get rid of bad energies in your space.  

9. Make your space as relaxing as possible by adding magazines and books. Make sure that they're what interests you. They're there to help you have a wealthy and healthy mind.

10. Journals will help you focus on your goals and dreams in life. It's a must-have in your living room.

Remember, a living room should encourage bonding for the family which will ensure a healthy relationship. These inexpensive things are meant to help you create a comfortable and relaxing place not just for you but for everybody.

If you want to have a healthy and wealthy home, visit my website at www.wealthyspaces.com.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Salt Caves create Healthy Feng Shui Spaces

Yesterday I was invited into a special space one that I had not been in before.  I understood the principles of negative and positive ions which is why it is so important to have trees and nature around us when so many of our everyday lifestyle gadgets exude an energy that is full of positive ions.  That is hairdryers, toasters, central heating systems.

I moved into a new property 2012 - it was an amazing apartment so much so that when I joined Airbnb I was inundated with requests to stay there.  The apartment was renovated to a high spec - I had all the mod cons - did as I was told by my project manager but it wasn't until living in the place I realise that the central heating combined with the double glazed windows meant no fresh air was coming in or out.  Yes one can open the windows but I realised for the first time that I was being affected by coughs and wheezing that I had never encountered before.

The air was so dry I could hear it in my voice.  So having a negative ioniser is a must in these kinds of environments as well as either a water fountain or even just bowls of water around the radiator.

So, back to my special space above.  I heard about the salt caves and decided to review my experience.  The whole idea of the salt caves is to sit in them for one hour and allow the negative ions of the salt to clear out the nasal passages and balance out the over powering dryness created by how we live our lives today surrounded in such dry central heating systems that no wonder people suffer from asthma, continuous colds and flu.

I went into the room where it was explained salt was coming out through a machine but in a very fine way that it was not so visible.  Within minutes of sitting on one of the chairs above you could smell the air of salt and feel and taste it on your skin.

In this room were other people there was an agreed silence not to use any technology - fantastic - and nobody spoke.  I sat there for an hour and it was so relaxing - yes you can read if you want but I had no desire to.

Whilst the room was white with sand - explained it gave the impression it was salt - but the salt really was the stuff in the atmosphere - the lighting was at a level that created a warmth.  It was almost like being given permission to zone out of this chaotic world and agree to sit in a silence that recharged one's batteries.

It reminded me of the room idea of Mr Selfridge for his employees creating a silent room where they could rest their minds and not have to speak and be away from the chaos of the cash registers.  Even though the salt cave is not about the rest or the silence but about salt absorption it had a double function which served the customer very well.

The Feng Shui as in the balance in the room was great as it afforded us all time off the carousel of life and the energy in the room was amazing.

For those who like to experience this first hand themselves pop over to Duke Street, Liverpool  UK and book themselves a slot and for the rest of the world readers find yourself the nearest salt cave near you or why not start one of your own.

Spaces, places and caves create an energy that induces relaxation and health benefits and this one I visited certainly met that description.  Take care of yourself, take care of your health because truly that is your true wealth and if you want to know more about what I do pop over to www.wealthyspaces.com

Monday, 16 October 2017

Feng Shui Your Living Room

Create A Feng Shui Living Room In Your Home

It's sometimes called a lounge room or sitting room, but most people call it a living room. It is meant for relaxing and socializing.

In feng shui, the living room is considered as one of the most vulnerable parts of a home because it's the first place a person goes into once they get inside the house. This is the same for the energy.

When people enter our space, they bring in and leave their energies. These energies will be staying in our space and affects our relationship, health, and wealth.

Below are the simple tips on how to turn your space into a feng shui living room.

1. Free your living room from clutter. A clean space is a home to good energy.

2. Organize your room. By putting your things into its proper spot, you let the good energy flow directly to your space.

3. Make sure that you have a healthy living space by having proper ventilation. Open the windows to let the sunshine in and use indoor plants so that you'll have a breathable space.

4. Choose carefully the colors of your walls and curtains. Colors make the room cleaner, brighter and bigger. It makes you feel calmer and more relaxed.

5. Bring in the best feng shui energy of your room by knowing first the bagua area of your home. This will help you know which of the element you need to support.

6. Consider different shapes in decorating your room. Aside from adding character to your room, each shape has a corresponding feng shui element.

7. Feng shui is about the balance of the five elements. Make sure to bring in the feng shui element colors as well. Do not concentrate on one or two colors.

8. Be aware of the sharp edges. Arrange your objects carefully so that the shard edges of your furniture is not pointing to your seating area.

Your living room should be welcoming and relaxing. Always remember that the place should be a recreation and bonding place for the whole family. Sacrificing your family's happiness for the sake of the room's beauty is bad feng shui.

For more information regarding feng shui and how you can benefit from it, visit my website at www.wealthyspaces.com.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Wind Chimes In Feng Shui

Use The Power Of Wind Chimes Together With Feng Shui With In Your Home

Wind chimes have already existed since the ancient times. Record shows that wind chimes were unearthed in parts of Asia, Greece and Egypt. It was used in religious ceremonies, rituals and in keeping evil spirits away.

Today, wind chimes is a common home decoration. The best places for wind chimes are the balcony, garden and patio.

In feng shui, wind chimes are used as a feng shui cure. It is used to get rid of negative energies or permanent fixtures at home.

Enumerated below are the benefits we get from wind chimes.

1. Wind chimes are used to heal relationships. If there's misunderstanding in your family or problems with your relationship, hang a 3 rod bamboo or a wooden chime in the Eastern area of your home.

2. For career success, use a single metal wind chime in the Northern area of your home.

3. If you're seeking personal growth in your relationship or in your field of education, hang glass or ceramic chimes in the North East or South West location. Choose wind chimes that has 2, 5 or 8 rods.

4. If you're having money problems, you can attract wealth, by using chimes with water or fish themes in a bamboo chimes with 4 rods. Create a positive energy in your home and work if you place them in the Southeast corner of your home.

Wind chimes has a meditative sound that brings calm, luck, good health, positive energy and happiness in any space. You can either purchase it or make your own.

For more information about feng shui and how it can help you and your whole family, visit my website at www.wealthyspaces.com.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Take 5 Steps Closer to Wealth using Feng Shui

Energy, Frequency & Vibration makes a huge difference to what kind of Universe you reside in.  So, how do you change this frequency and vibration?  Well below are 5 Steps you can take that can instantly change the energy of your home or business which will result in attracting a different kind of energy into your life.  Dont Believe me: Try It!  Or better still Join me on my webinar Thursday 12th October @ 8pm Register Here to find out more about those 5 Steps.


Whatever is around you in your home is part of you within.  That includes all the clutter whether it be clothes in your bedroom, paper in your office or stockpiling of items no longer used.  Clutter around you reduces your clarity of thought and in wealth Clarity is King!  Get rid of your Clutter and come back and tell me how it affected you.


All the feelings you pick up around you every second of the day has been created by you or the energy of others!  So, when those patterns of Energy in your home do not support you how do you erase those patterns?  An ancient tool of sage smudging has always been used to disperse the patterns of previous occupants or unwanted energies that influence your own feelings.

We don"t always know who lived in our property before us.  We don't even know what was on the land where our property has been built.  Therefore, when using these techniques you can assist in dispersing feelings locked into the property and thereby create the very feeling you wish to attract; health, wealth and great relationships.

When you have completed this process come back and tell me how much better your home felt.  For further assistance to get on clearing your home you can pick up your own magic box here: www.wealthyspace.com/shop


Having Clarity creates a faster journey to wealth because you are less distracted, your attitude is direct and your persistence is the norm.  Equally having some kind of Direction to where you want to go towards is also essential.  When I ask people what do they want?  I am often met with blank faces.  The money is clearly the focus but what that money is going to buy is not as clear; people think having the money will solve a problem but often it is not having a vision or a dream that slows down the flow of the wealth to begin with anyway.

In Feng Shui, compass is important and having a direction in your home or business most certainly adds another layer of Focus to your Dreams.

The North is about your Journey generally in Life - where is it you want to flow to.  The West is all about your future and creativity and kids.  The East is about your history, reverence of the family ancestors and how that creates the roots to your forthcoming Wealth & Health.

These are just a few tips on how to use the Compass in taking that one step closer to Wealth.

Join me here: http://bit.ly/2ywKTI8 to Register for the Webinar: 5 Steps to Creating Wealth.


Everything around you is Inside of You!

What you have on your walls is sublimely affecting you all the time.  This is why advertising is a multi million pound industry because what we see visually and through sound is constantly influencing our feelings, emotional, interllect and decisions.  So what do you have on your walls?  How do they affect you and to have the best messages being exuded to you personally what would be the best kind of pictures?

Life is a yellow brick road and is it telling us we all have a brain, courage and a heart?  Make your walls your own mirror of your dreams and I tell you how to do that here; http://bit.ly/2ywKTI8


People are constantly trying to create Balance in their Life so they feel calm, steady and continue to have emotional and mental clarity in their Business and Wealth.  So how do we create that Balance in our Lives?  When we create a balance in our Environment we can feel it immediately and using the ancient system of the 5 Elements reflects back to us that very Balance.  When you have equilibrium how much easier is it to manage your life, business and anything else.

We look at having earth qualities in your home; ceramics, terracotta.  Water qualities in pictures, fountains, fish tanks, how material hangs from the windows.  Wood element ensures a balance of plants, flowers and wood furniture.  Metal element is the presence of crystals, metal, white walls or furniture.   And finally, the Fire element, the emotional movement energy inviting colours of red, orange in the form of candles, triangles and sounds.  So here we have a bit of each of the 5 elements having a presence which then creates the balance you need.

Some people, based on their own composition of personality will require more fire, others require more water which is why having a consultation helps to assess what are your needs in terms of the Elements and what is best for you to surround yourself in.

There we have it not only 5 steps YOU can take towards a more harmonious lifestyle but 5 Steps to change the vibration in which you live, and, so by doing this you change the vibration within yourself.  It is these very high frequency energy levels that affects how you are received in the world, what you project, perceive and manifest in the world of Wealth. 
 Remembering that your Health is always Your Greatest Asset.

Don't forget to Join me on thursday 12th October @ 8pm BST for 5 Steps to Creating Wealth, Thanks to Feng Shui; http://bit.ly/2ywKTI8

Feng Shui Your Wallet

Attract The Energy Of Wealth With Your Wallet

Being able to buy the things that we need is the reason why we work so hard. But oftentimes, we always end up short of cash.

From our home to our office space, we spend a lot of our time turning it into a money magnet. However, one thing that we don't know is that our personal things such as our wallet can also be used in attracting abundance.

5 Steps To Creating Wealth Thanks To Feng Shui

Enumerated below are feng shui ways to turn your wallet into a magnet for wealth.

1. Free your wallet from clutter. Wallets are for cash. Most wallets are filled with receipts and expired membership cards. They represent money that you don't have. Instead, give space to real cash. Avoid having empty wallets for they symbolize poverty.

2. Designate a place in your space for your wallet. When you respect your wallet, it will give back to you the same respect that you've given. Refrain from tossing it anywhere most especially on the floor.

Opportunities Knock On Door With Good Vibes

3. Choose the color of your wallet according to your birth element. The colors black and blue belongs to the water element, red and pink are for the fire element, green is for the wood element and yellow is for the metal element.

4. Do not use a second-hand wallet. You might inherit the bad energy from that person.

5. Attract your cash by activating your wealth luck. You can attract wealth by placing 3 ancient coins on a red ribbon with your cash on it.

6. Organization is the key. Make sure that you organize your wallet. Your bills should be arranged well. Be sure that all your money is in an upright position. For a more organized wallet, get yourself a wallet that has more compartment.

7. Choose the shapes carefully. A long wallet is a better option.

De-clutter In Seven Easy Steps

Wallets are our daily companions. It holds our cash. It is one of the most used among our personal things. With these feng shui tips and hard work, you will be able to attract abundance and live a better life.

If you wish to know more about feng shui or you are going through difficult things in your life, visit my website at www.wealthyspaces.com.


Monday, 9 October 2017

All it takes is 10 mindful minutes | Andy Puddicombe

Feng Shui And The Art  Of Silence

When was the last time you had a moment of silence? Can you still remember the feeling?
Were you at peace, happy or calm?

Meditation is a technique for resting the mind and attaining a state of consciousness that is different than the normal working state. It involves the focus on breathing and bodily sensations or mantra.

In feng shui, your home is a place of rest. It's your sanctuary. One good way of making this possible is turning your space or creating a space in your home into a meditation place.

Feng Shui & The Power Of Sound Vibrations

Create a meditation space for the whole family by following these few simple steps.

1. Keep your whole space clutter-free. Clutter is considered a bad energy and it stagnates us.

2. Do some space cleansing on your space. It is essential that you get rid of any bad energy that lives in your space.

3. Find a part of your home where you find peace and quiet. Make a nice seating area in that same space where you can sit to meditate, pray or read.

Inside Out Feng Shui

4. Put items that will symbolize and give you a sense of peace. If you are religious or you practice a religion, you can put figurines or a Bible. You can also put paintings that reflect what you believe in.

5. Control the lighting in your meditation space. Put curtains and use softer lights.

6. Use scented candles or essential oils in your space. It calms your mind and body.

7. Put some indoor plants in your space. Plants purify the air. They are considered as good energy.

8. A small indoor fountain can also be added. Water symbolizes life.

If possible, you can play music. Sounds of nature, violin or anything that is nice and pleasant to the ears.

Mr Selfridges original Silent Room at Selfridges

7 Steps To Space Cleansing

People who own a peaceful home are people living in peace. When you are at peace, you pass that to the people around you.

If you want to seek advice or learn more about feng shui, visit us at www.wealthyspaces.com.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Everything Around You is Inside of You Feng Shui

Painting by Kerry Darlington

Here we have every aspect of life at the table - the madness, the craziness - the eccentricity but at the end of the day all that is around us is also a part of you.

Yin and Yang whilst opposite of each other each one exists inside of each other.  These ideas are all basic to the Feng Shui Philosophy so how do we navigate our living space around all the chaos and craziness in the world?

First of all, look at the pictures on your walls what do they depict?  So for example the picture above is a fun crazy get together - maybe your family is like this when they get together but on another level it also is a highly philosophical debate about our own lives; the rabbit is telling Time does not Exist; the Cheshire Cat comes and then he disappears; is life really just a game of cards?  So, be mindful about what you put on your walls that it has a great effect upon you whether it be serious, fun or intriguing.

What is around us in our environments really matters because colours, words, textures, geometrical designs are constantly speaking to us on a subconscious level.  If you cast your minds back to the place you grew up in what impact did it have on you?  What specific rooms affected you and what was the specific aroma, sound, colour, texture that created another reality for yourself inside?

Open up your minds and discover more of how you can affect and influence your own belief system by creating an environment that encompasses all kinds of emotions, curiosities and intrigues in yours and your family life.

Find out more about how to set up your own home or Business Room here: www.wealthyspaces.com

Friday, 6 October 2017

The Kitchen In Feng Shui

8 Tips To Creating A Good Feng Shui Kitchen

What does your kitchen look like? Is it a place that nourishes your family?

The main purpose of the kitchen is to nourish the whole family. It should sustain life.

However, kitchen these days are not used for that purpose anymore. It's cluttered with things like clothes, toys, and even insecticides.

In feng shui, kitchen plays an important part of the house. It is said to be the heart of the home. It's a symbol of health, wealth, and prosperity.

Below are the important steps in turning your kitchen into a feng shui kitchen.

1. Declutter, declutter and declutter. Kitchen clutter stagnates energy and it's a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Declutter In 7 Easy Steps

2.  Bring in natural light and air. Ventilation is important. If you're still in the planning stage of building a house, opt for bigger windows.

3. Keep away the gadgets from the kitchen or refrain from putting things that have no use in the kitchen. Cooking activities improve relationship while gadgets keep you from having good interaction with your family.

Inside Out Feng Shui

4. Mind your colors. Colors play an important role in feng shui. It can brighten your mood, bring out your creativity or dampen your spirits. Choose bright colors like yellow, white or green. You can also mix and match colors like white and black or blue and white.

5. Put plants in your kitchen. They bring good energy in your kitchen. They keep temperatures down, reduce the carbon dioxide level and improve air quality.

6. Healthy food like fruits on the table. They bring nutrition to your body. They play significant roles in feng shui, like pears for health, orange for richness and apples for good friendship.

Five Steps To Creating Wealth Thanks To Feng Shui

7. Put water fountain or aquarium. Water symbolizes as the richness of life. It also symbolizes energy, luck and good health. Put three or nine fishes in the aquarium. The goldfish signifies luck. If you have limited space, you can use images of flowing water.

8. Hang mirrors along the dining table or over. It means double the food and attracts the energy of health, wealth, and abundance.

A good feng shui kitchen means good nutrition for the whole family. When our kitchen is clean, we feel good, light and we're encouraged to cook healthy dishes for our family. 

When our family is healthy, our family is happy. With the combination of exercises, proper nutrition, and good feng shui kitchen, you and your whole family will be on the road to good health.

If you have questions regarding your home, life, relationships, and money, visit my website at www.wealthyspaces.com.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Sleep Deprivation & FengShui

Sleep Disorder Statistics: 50-70 million US adults have a sleep disorder. 37.9% reported unintentionally falling asleep during the day at least once in the preceding month. 4.7% reported nodding off or falling asleep while driving at least once in the preceding month.

American Sleep Association

Is it all of a sudden that nobody is sleeping properly anymore?  That people live with disturbed sleep, dragging their heels to be int he early hours of the morning not because they have just returned from work but because they have just spent 4 hours on the computer, TV, iphone playing games?

Sure, this is what we do these days but look at the statistics for above; Europe and the UK is not that much different.  It seems the whole world has been robbed of hours of rehabilitative sleep-restoring the white blood cells so that we feel energised in the morning.  Just look at the findings at present.

But a large part of the imposition upon our private time for sleep and restoration is to do with not only the patterns that we cant see but because there is moisture int he atmosphere there are defientely entrenched patters of thought and behaviour patterned in our environments but also the stress and disturbed sleep is mostly attributable to having the devices within range of our sleeping position.

People are now taking massive doses of medication in an attempt to have a decent nights sleep but this makes them even worse.  I have been in over 2000 homes and have seen first hand people struggling with their sleep and taking far too much medication to conquor it.  Ihave seen children's health affected too because of the devices in their bedrooms.

The reality is this: we wont let go of our attachments and, as a consequence the radio activity of these devices not to mention the wifi is killing us!  People do not want to spend one moment on their own and, as a result surround themselves with devices especially the all imposing TV!!

Well, Feng Shui includes an assessment of all these devices and most consultants would urge you to keep your bedroom free of anything electrical that charges up your mind.  As a health professional also I would endorse this attitude to but better still why dont you try it and see how much your sleep quality improves.  Above there is a video to get you started-for more go to www.wealthyspaces.com

The Relationship Of Fruits And Abundance In Feng Shui

The Relationship Of Fruits And Abundance In Feng Shui

Fruits. It's a necessity. It's one of the most important things in this world. Its main function is to nourish and maintain our health.

However, in feng shui, fruits other different use. It's also being used for attracting wealth, long life and fertility.

7 Feng Shui Tips To Healthier Living

These are the most popular fruits in feng shui.

Apple - It symbolizes good health, peace, and harmony in the home. The red color of the fruit brings prosperity and abundance. In the Chinese language, the word for apple has similar sound like their word for peace. Apples that have different colors are also being used in feng shui.

Grapes - Grapes symbolize the abundance of food or money. It is good in attracting material wealth for you and your family. It also turns bad luck into good luck.

5 Steps To Creating Wealth Thanks To Feng Shui

Orange - Considered as the most popular fruit in feng shui. It can get rid of bad luck.It is believed that 9 oranges in the living room or kitchen can bring you good luck and fortune. If you don't have orange, try to use tangerine, lime, lemon or any citrus fruit.

Peach - It symbolizes immortality or long life. It is also being used to attract the energy of health and wealth or money. It is also being used as a symbol of love and marriage.

Inside Out Feng Shui

Pineapple - It brings good fortune. It symbolizes wealth and prosperity. The word of pineapple in Chinese is similar to "good luck is coming your way."

Pomegranate -If you are having fertility issues, use pomegranate. It also symbolizes good luck, health, and happiness in the family. This is good most especially for young couples who are starting a family.

One important thing when putting fruits on the table is that it should always be fresh. You can also substitute real fruits with paintings or images of fruits.

For more information regarding feng shui and how you can benefit from it, visit my website at www.wealthyspaces.com.