Monday, 16 October 2017

Feng Shui Your Living Room

Create A Feng Shui Living Room In Your Home

It's sometimes called a lounge room or sitting room, but most people call it a living room. It is meant for relaxing and socializing.

In feng shui, the living room is considered as one of the most vulnerable parts of a home because it's the first place a person goes into once they get inside the house. This is the same for the energy.

When people enter our space, they bring in and leave their energies. These energies will be staying in our space and affects our relationship, health, and wealth.

Below are the simple tips on how to turn your space into a feng shui living room.

1. Free your living room from clutter. A clean space is a home to good energy.

2. Organize your room. By putting your things into its proper spot, you let the good energy flow directly to your space.

3. Make sure that you have a healthy living space by having proper ventilation. Open the windows to let the sunshine in and use indoor plants so that you'll have a breathable space.

4. Choose carefully the colors of your walls and curtains. Colors make the room cleaner, brighter and bigger. It makes you feel calmer and more relaxed.

5. Bring in the best feng shui energy of your room by knowing first the bagua area of your home. This will help you know which of the element you need to support.

6. Consider different shapes in decorating your room. Aside from adding character to your room, each shape has a corresponding feng shui element.

7. Feng shui is about the balance of the five elements. Make sure to bring in the feng shui element colors as well. Do not concentrate on one or two colors.

8. Be aware of the sharp edges. Arrange your objects carefully so that the shard edges of your furniture is not pointing to your seating area.

Your living room should be welcoming and relaxing. Always remember that the place should be a recreation and bonding place for the whole family. Sacrificing your family's happiness for the sake of the room's beauty is bad feng shui.

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