Monday, 26 June 2017

Feng Shui & The Power of Sounds in Your Home

I spent some time in Kerala, India the last couple of years and learnt a lot of skills on how to

change the energy and the feeling in your home for the better.  Ongar, my friend sells the singing

bowls a few months of the year and he explained the power of the sound on the walls, the vibrations

of your own home.

We spoke about how water and moisture in the atmosphere holds thoughts and vibrations of the

people living there - now its fine if you have lots of happy people living there but what about

the self sabotage moments, or the previous occupants who have never cleansed their household?

Imagine living, buying a house or renting it and walking into a soup of other peoples' thoughts and

feelings that were not particularly pleasant?  Well this is what people are doing all the time.  They

are moving in literally with other peoples thoughts and feelings.  No matter how rich, poor, ill or

healthy one never really truly knows what goes on behind closed doors.

This is why Ongar's demonstration shows us how to cleanse that space, dissipate any of the patterns

left behind by other occupants.

When you watch this video you will also see him moving water in the bowl just purely by moving

the stick on the outside of the bowl.  He explains that the vibration of that water is nutritious and can

heal the cells inside of the human body because it has been energised.

The video explains the art of space cleansing but this is just one method of doing this-there are many

others and you might be interested in finding out the other methods here:

Better still why not get started right away and go to and get yourself a

healing space clearing box.

Once you have cleansed your house, business, retail area the energy in there starts to change; all the

self defeating, sabotage charged areas are dissipated.  This is one of the best ways you can ever heal

yourself and your home whether you want to move on in your life, sell your home, ultimately the

FEELING is what motivates people to want to live in any place; some people have choices in

their life as to where they live others do not.  But the latter can still cleanse their own space simply by

using these singing bowls.  Please comment, share, like or subscribe as there are more videos like

on the way to you;

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