Monday, 2 October 2017

Overcoming Debt & How Feng Shui Can Assist

Getting Out Of Debt With Feng Shui

Nobody wants to live in debt. It causes stress, destroys relationships and leads to depression.

In the U.S., credit card debt reached an all-time high. Most households are living with debt and can't even barely pay the minimum fee. Even students they are already burdened with debt even before graduating from College.

In feng shui, wealth is an energy. It teaches us that by aligning your surroundings, you get to attract wealth. With hard work and by putting everything in order, wealth slowly comes in.

Feng Shui And The Power Of Sound Vibrations

Here's how feng shui can help you overcome debt.

1. Allways clean your clutter. Clutter leads us to depression which in turn leads us to overspend.

2. Hang crystals in the doorways, windows or passageways. They are the most popular feng shui cures.

3. Fix your roof, faucet or anything broken in your home. Water represents wealth and anything that leaks symbolize means money that is draining.

Inside Out Feng Shui

4. Remove any dead plants in your home and surroundings. Your place should be filled with life energy.

5. Make your door look inviting. Your door is the mouth of Chi. You can even color it.

6. Put pictures of nature like waterfalls, ocean or birds flying. They encourage a good flow of energy.

7. Remove unnecessary things. Things that you don't use or don't even need. They may not be clutter, but they still have no use for them.

8. Use an aquarium with nine goldfish to stimulate the energy of wealth.

Five Steps To Creating Wealth Thanks To Feng Shui

When our space is clean and free from clutter, we surround ourselves with good energy. We get to think things clearly. We're able to come up with the right decisions which affect our life including our finances.

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