Sunday, 27 May 2018

Bring In Good Feng Shui Into Your Tiny Home

Living in a tiny home is the trend these days. Most people prefer to live in the city because of the worsening problem of traffic. That is why tiny homes are sprouting everywhere.

However, we can often hear people complaining how little their apartment is. They often say that the place is so small that they don't feel at home. They say their space makes them feel like they are suffocated. They can't breathe.

Feng Shui is about creating balance within and around you and that includes your space. When you feel good, relaxed, happy and peaceful, then your home has good energy. The size of your house will not matter. So even a tiny home can have a free flow of energy.

Applying Feng Shui in a tiny home can be a little bit hard. The work can be too taxing. Imagine applying Feng Shui in a place where the bedroom, living room and the kitchen are in the same area. But though it may be hard, it is not impossible.

Below are ways on how to apply good Feng Shui in your tiny home:

1. Clear your door and entryway. Your door is the mouth of chi. Decluttering your door and entryway is important since this is where the energy comes in. Make sure that there are no unnecessary things cluttered near on it.

2. Mirrors are often used to create the impression of a bigger space. It attracts the light from the outside. It gives you the feeling that you are in a bigger space thus making it easier for you to breathe.

3. Separate your sleeping area from the rest. Your bedroom is a place for rest. Make sure that gadgets will not be visible from your bed.

4. Paint your walls with white or light colours. They make your space look bigger.

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Friday, 25 May 2018

5 Amazing Benefits Of Meditation On Your Kids

Meditation is not only for adults but also for kids. Children and adults are both prone to stress and anxiety. The pressure at home and in school affects them making them more impatient and less affectionate.

Our kids suffer from bullying, competition, peer pressure, low self-esteem and keeping up with a healthy relationship. The presence of social media and the increasing violence in the society aggravates the problem.

A study shows that depression and other mental health problem starts during younger years.

It's the reason why our kids should learn and practice meditation. All the things that we learn as a child creates an impact on us. We tend to carry it until we grow old. It's the reason why teaching your children about meditation will help them is vital. It will help them deal with problems in a more calm way.

Below are 5 amazing benefits of meditation for your kids:

1. Meditation helped children feel more relaxed and happier. It helped them reduce anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

2. Children who are into long-term meditation learn how to self-regulate. They learn how to be in control of their selves.

3. According to a study, children who do meditation are more kind to others. They are also more sociable and experience lesser stress than other kids. They are more connected and more respectful to the people around them.

5. Kids who meditate have lesser chances of developing psychological problems such as social withdrawal, anxiety, and fearfulness. They tend to develop a good relationship towards the people around them.
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Sunday, 20 May 2018

7 Steps To Getting Rid Of Stress With Feng Shui

Say Goodbye To Stress With These Easy Steps

All of us experience stress. It is one of the root cause of major diseases these days. Stress makes us feel frustrated, crazy and irritated. It is a bad energy that slowly consumes our mind and body.

Most people are living with stress day in and day out. The moment we get out of the house to go to work, we get stuck in the traffic, upon reaching the office wherein there are loads of work that needs to be done up to the time we reach our home where clutter awaits us.

This is why creating a stress-free home is important. If you can create a stress-free home, you can have a stress-free life.

In Feng Shui, your home represents you. When your home is cluttered, you are stuck in and out.
You feel drained and too stressed.

However, getting rid of stress is not hard to do and it's not expensive either. All you need to have is to set aside some time and the decision to start.

Why don't you try the 7 easy ways below to get rid of stress in your home and your life:

1. Clean your home thoroughly. We're not talking about clutter clearing but general cleaning. Let go of the things that you don't need and remove all the dust in every corner of your home.

2. Take care of your health by choosing healthy foods only. Clean your kitchen and restock it with healthy stuff.

3. Add warmth to your space by hanging a nice tapestry. Mandala tapestries are a good choice. They are cool to the eyes.

4. Use scented candles or essential oil in your home. A few drops of heavenly scent like lavender or sandalwood can make a difference.

5. Use earth colors in your place. It will make your space more relaxing. It will make you fall asleep easier. Add some nice pottery to your place.

6. The sound of flowing water has a relaxing effect on people. It is so soothing that it reduces your stress and anxiety right away.

7. The sound of healing. Play a classical music. It is known to fight depression, relieves pain, put you to sleep and reduces stress levels. It will also make you happy. If classical music is not to your liking, then the sounds of birds chirping will make you feel like you are in the forest.

Always remember that doing things that you don't like will cause you stress. Choose only the things that you are comfortable doing.

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Friday, 18 May 2018

Feng Shui Project That You Can Do In Your Home

Easy Feng Shui Projects For You

Doing some Feng Shui projects is a great way to spend your time this weekend. A little shift here and there can surely change the vibration in your house.

Here are the Feng Shui projects that you can do in your home:

1. Spruce up your entrance. This Feng Shui project should be the first on your list since your entrance is the first thing that people see. We are so consumed with beautifying the inside of our house that we forget that the outside also needs our attention. Put some live plants and get rid of anything that clutters the area. 

2. Feed your plants. Live and lush plants bring vibrancy to your place. They are considered as good Feng Shui while sickly plants bring bad energy. Take away the dry leaves and water your plants. Make sure that you give them sunshine once in a while.

3. Clear your clutter. Clutter is a stuck energy and it brings bad Feng Shui. Get rid of things that you don't need and you have not used for a long time. Cracked pottery, broken clocks and watches and old magazines are some of the things that clutter our place.

4. Inspect your taps. Replace any leaking taps and make sure that there is no stagnant water in your home. This Feng Shui project is really important. In Feng Shui water symbolizes wealth. Leaking taps mean water going down the drain.

5. Clean your kitchen space. Your kitchen is your health and wealth area. Open the windows and clean it. Make it look inviting so that members of your household will want to stay there longer. Good memories and good food are a perfect combination.

6. Check your art decorations. Do they represent positivity? Images of nature or happy pictures convey a sense of peace and serenity. It makes you and your guests feel good.

7. Bring life to your bedroom. Replace old and boring curtains and beddings. Repaint your walls, put some nice candles and use some oils to add warmth and romance to your space. This Feng Shui project will definitely spice up your love area and give you a good sleep.

Always remember that Feng Shui is about creating an environment inside and out that will make you feel calm, happy and at peace. Feng Shui projects for your house doesn't need to be expensive.

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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Feng Shui Myths That You Should Stop Believing

Feng Shui Myths That You Need To Avoid In Your Life

What Feng Shui myths have you heard that you find strange?

Feng Shui is getting more popular these days and it is also infested with a lot of nonsense ideas. These Feng Shui myths are a common practice and you just have to stop believing it because it's not helping you in creating balance in your life.

Below are common Feng Shui myths misconception that you should avoid:

1. Red door brings luck. The colors in Feng Shui depends on a lot of factors. You should put into consideration the direction of your door. The color red enhances the energy that is present in the area. However, do not paint the door red without consulting a Feng Shui expert.

2. Money plants bring luck in your home. The truth is that live, vibrant and healthy plants no matter what variety it is gives you a lot of good energy. It is the health and the vibrancy of the plants that give your space plenty of good energy.

3. Moving your furniture to change your life. Rearranging the things in your place will refresh the flow of energy in your space. However, getting your dream job or bringing luck into your life by moving your things is not true.

4. Clocks are bad Feng Shui. Clocks represent the passage of time. It goes so fast and it never comes back. Putting the clock in the bedroom is not advisable. But putting them in other parts of the house is okay.

5. Using the bagua as a home decoration. A lot of people practice this Feng Shui myth. A bagua mirror is meant to be put outside of the house, never on the inside.

6. Putting your stove in the wrong direction is bad Feng Shui. The most important thing in Feng Shui is to have a clean and organized kitchen. This will motivate you to cook food that is healthier and encourages everybody to spend more happy times in the kitchen.

7. The bed should be placed in the right direction. Your bedroom is a place to foster a good and intimate relationship. Television and gadgets should not be placed in the bedroom. It takes away the quality time that you should spend with each other.

Always remember that Feng Shui is about balance. It's creating a space that will make you happy and keeps you feel calm. Avoiding these Feng Shui myths will make your decorating better.

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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Home Decoration Mistakes In Feng Shui

Home Decoration Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Your home decoration plays an important part in bringing in good energy in your space. It can bring in good or bad vibrations in your place.

Most of the time, people tend to unconsciously decorate their space in excess. They have the impression that having more and everything Asian symbolizes abundance.

Below are home decoration mistakes in Feng Shui that you should be aware of:

1. Using the bagua mirror as a home decoration is a big mistake. It is meant to be used outside of the house.

2. Mirrors bring clarity, light, and freshness to your space. However, using too many mirrors in your home can make your space weak, chaotic and unstable.

3. Using photos of family members in the bedroom is a bad Feng Shui decoration. Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary. It's a place for intimate moments. It's a place to develop and strengthen your relationship.

4. Placing the aquarium in the bedroom or kitchen. An aquarium is a water Feng Shui element and using this home decoration in the kitchen or bedroom is a mistake. It is best to place this in your money area to bring good Feng Shui.

5. Making your place look monochromatic. Your home should have balance. It should have a natural flow of energy. It's the reason why a Feng Shui home decoration expert always uses the bagua. Your place should have soft and fiery colors.

6. Putting your mirror on the opposite side of your front door is not good. It pushes away the energy that enters the house. Try placing your mirror in your living room or dining room. It represents abundance.

7. Creating a theme in your home that you don't really like is bad Feng Shui. Just because of Feng Shui is an ancient Philosophy doesn't mean your house should look Asian. A good Feng Shui home is a house that has a good flow of energy whatever theme it may have.

8. Using too many fountains is not advised in Feng Shui. A fountain is a good home decoration because it brings prosperity and peace. The sound of water brings calm to your space. However, using too much of one element creates imbalance most especially if it's just a small space.

9. Too much decoration creates clutter. Do not over decorate your home and let go of the things that you really don't need.

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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Feng Shui - The Things That You Need To Know

The Real Meaning Of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is getting popular in The West for almost 15 years now. From ordinary citizens to famous people like Hollywood celebrities to business tycoons.

They have been applying this belief in their personal spaces, businesses as well as their personal lives. However, because of the lifestyle that most people have, the real concept of what Feng Shui is, was somehow lost.

Because of the lack of knowledge of this ancient practice, Feng Shui has slowly turned into a quick fix approach.

Below are the important things that you need to know about Feng Shui:

1. It is an ancient belief that's been practiced for thousands of years. Feng Shui is not a superstition nor a religion. Feng Shui is based on the yin and yang. It is based on the Five Elements. It deals with creating balance in your life.

It teaches us that everything in the universe influences us.

2. It is not based on interior designing or owning the most expensive pieces of furniture. It is about surrounding yourself with the right things that can make your life better. The energy in your home which is invisible can affect you and the people you're living with.

3. Feng Shui is about understanding how the energy behaves. It tells you what part of your life to focus on. Feng Shui helps you locate the placement of the key rooms in order to give you support in the different areas of your life.

4. Each of us is different. In Feng Shui, every person responds differently to the energy in their environment. The birthdate and other personal information can be used to analyze the relationships among the members of the household and resolve the challenges at home.

5. Feng Shui teaches us that the inner and outer forces in our lives are connected to each other. That is why choosing the location for our home is important because it will affect our lives.

6. The quality of the energy in our home is not permanent. That is why taking some time to take a look and make the necessary arrangement of our space to maintain the good chi is important.

7. Time plays a vital role in Feng Shui. A Feng Shui expert studies your space by using a Feng Shui calendar and compass to assess the flow of energy in your house.

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Friday, 4 May 2018

Planning Of Buying A Home? - That's The Idea And This Is Why -

Buying A House And Feng Shui

Are you buying a house or have you always dreamed of buying a house?

Whilst Feng Shui is a philosophical practice that stems back 4000 years old the issues for people have not really changed.  Food, shelter, and safety remain the most important things in the human being's life.

Maslow's pyramid of basic needs of the human start with these very first three things; home, food, and protection. Buying a house have always been the top priority.

So, why is it in the 21st Century, people in the developed world still have not the basics to address their needs when it comes to a safe place to live?  Given that they are the richest and most developed in every way? People just keep on dreaming of buying a house.

All the major metropolises across the world have forced and rushed people from all backgrounds into smaller spaces where people are eking out a threadbare existence just to have a roof over their head.

It is not just the poor but the wealthy who have sacrificed their lives to get where they want to go and live in a reasonable apartment but every inch of their life in terms of time has been spent working then they look around and they see there is no one to relate to.  They have no community ties and one of the biggest killers socially is the painful social isolation and lack of connection with people.

Having worked myself in mental health in all the major cities in the U.K.  I have visited people in high rise flats even though they have been medicated for schizophrenia, suicide, and depression and they are placed by the Housing Department in totally inappropriate places to live.

Their surroundings are threatening, uncreative and hampered by unsociable behaviour.  But the nature of this kind of gerrymandering is deliberate; to coerce people into smaller spaces and whilst they are busy squabbling with each other the bigger picture of their rights, power, and success go unnoticed.

Everything comes back to the energy whether it be of spaces, designs, aromas, buildings, and arrangements in our environments.  How is your environment?  Could you make improvements to your space in small ways that change your energy for the better?

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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Houses for Sale? - Can't Buy A Home? - That's The Idea And This Is Why - The David Icke Dot...

What is a Home?  I have already previously discussed in my blog that people are being forced into smaller and smaller spaces within all the major conurbations rights across the world and the reason?  Control! & Servitude.

Yes, now the ongoing discussion that people cannot a home most especially the younger generations.  Those that dare climb on board are signing themselves up to a lifetime of servitude: almost like an indentured servant.

My earliest recollection of house ownership was in 1971 when my mum had an opportunity to buy a home which was in the "middle of our street".  What I recall is the emotionality around the prospect of buying a home, the social landlord was selling it - yippee!

No, not yippee!  They wanted £2000 for a three bedroom large terraced house in a reasonable neighbourhood at the time.  Mum was traumatised because she did not have it.  In the end, I think she purchased it for £1000 but we still lived in the same space and place for the next 35 years.

There is no denying that the psychological concept of owning some land or property is huge but to what extent are we prepared to do to get that? How are you going to buy a home? If within reach great; but people literally compromise their health, relationships, peace, success in other areas just to own this magic property.

The markets worldwide have been deliberately stoked so that public beaches have become private; (take note of St Monica Beach, in California where the public right of way won the rule of day in that case),  People with the money surround themselves with barbed wire, high walls, and fenced off territory.

Yes I travelled all over the world; shocked by the closing off of the elite properties in places like California, Washington D.C., discovering the amazing spaces of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead in Berkshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire with vast tracts of land but everyone crushed into the city living on top of each other then down to the social gerrymandering ghettoes of inner cities; where shall I start?

Even on a bigger scale than social planning, gerrymandering of the population the biggest force of all is the Game of War.  Clearing vast tracts of ancient cities, artefacts, established communities nothing but Dust left.  I spoke to a journalist last week in Syria-asking him what hotel he is in he replied:  "There is no hotel everything has gone"

This is the power of vastly changing spaces where people once lived leaving them homeless and the knock-on effects of that then moving desperately into other areas where they are resented in already overcrowded settlements.

What has Feng Shui got to do if you want to buy a home?  Because someone clearly realises that having the right environment with the balanced 5 elements in place; water, earth, wood, metal, and fire is what assists people to thrive.  You take away water? there is no flow no life-giving force.  Take away the wood element of trees, plants, shrubs there is no oxygen, no life force; contaminate the earth you are unable to grow food to eat and sustain oneself; in the process of obtaining the metals, prized items of the world we destroy the earth's fine balance ecosystem and then finally if we
prevent the sun sustaining us in the fire element because of the pollution and chemtrails then life itself cannot be sustained.

These 5 elements are inextricably linked to your own personal space and the more you can create a balance between them the more your life is going to feel just Great!  So How Do You Do That?

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