Monday, 26 February 2018

Do The Body Detox The Feng Shui Way Today

Body Detox In 10 Easy Steps

Life can sometimes be stressful and one way to get rid of it is by body detox. Most people tend to overwork and live a busy life and ends up thinking that it is just normal. We take in more responsibilities than what we can take. Along with stress comes unhealthy food choices, thus making our mind and body weaker.

Loving yourself means taking care of your health. One way of showing love to yourself is by taking care of it through body detox.

Do the body detox the easy way:

1. Eat your daily dose of fresh fruits and vegetables most especially the green, leafy and yellow one. They help you remove the excess estrogen's in your body.

2. Drink a healthy amount of tea every day. Tea's are known to contain antioxidants. A lot of people have been drinking them since the ancient time.

3. Exercise as much as possible. Movement helps in stimulating  your circulatory system. It improves your blood flow which in turn process the toxins in the body. Just be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body from dehydration.

4. Do not heat food in plastic. Plastic containers are made up of chemicals that causes certain types of cancers.

5. As much as possible buy organic products most especially food. If that is impossible, wash and peel the fruits and vegetables.

6. Avoid or minimize the use of fatty foods. Bad cholesterol blocks and form plaques in the arteries.

7. Avoid drinking alcohol. It can harm you. Drink red wine at least one glass a day.

8. Minimize the use of medical drugs unless you're suffering from serious illness. Try to go to a nutritionist or a holistic doctor.

9. Always buy drinks in glass instead of cans or plastic. It is healthier and you're doing Mother Earth a favor.

10. Use natural skin care products.

Do yourself a favor. Do the body detox today and live a quality of life.

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Top 8 Space Cleansing Tools For Your Home

Your Must Have Space Cleansing Tools

Space cleansing tools comes in different forms and sizes. It's just a matter of choosing the tool that you find it easier and comfortable to use.

People since the ancient times have been using different space cleansing tools to clear the energies in their surroundings. It is advised that people do space cleansing at least once a year, most especially after a big family argument or separation. You should also do space cleansing before transferring to a new home.

Each space cleansing tool listed below are proven to help you in clearing the energies in your space:

1. Fir, lavender, sweetgrass and sage have long been used in space clearing. They used in smudging and are known as the sacred smoke bowl. It purifies the air in about any space.

2. Using incense is gaining popularity these days. It is not only used in the altars of Asian countries but it is also often used in meditation and yoga rooms. There are different kinds of incense. Use the scent that you like best.

3. The air spray or diffuser is also popular in the market. It is the most convenient way of purifying the energy in your spacce. There are different scents available in the market.

4. Using a candle as a space cleansing tool is one of the cheapest way to invite good energy in your home. Candles bring warmth in your space and helps releases stress. They come in different sizes, forms and colors.

5. The singing bowls bring a kind of powerful energy to one's home. It heals and purifies every space. It has been used in Asia since 3000 years ago and considered to be one of the oldest space cleansing tool. It is more powerful than the bell. Choose a high quality bowl. It gives a higher and pure resonance.

6. Flowers brings life to every space. They also bring harmony, joy, and a sense of calm to any given space. Expensive or not, flowers can change the vibrations in your space as long as it is fresh and properly arranged.

7. The crystal is not only a space cleansing tool that can create energy in your place but also strengthens your own energy. Each crystal has a specific energy. Choose the one that fits your needs.

8. Altars are important to most Asian families. It is considered an expression of gratitude and give offering. It is also used for asking special blessings and protection. If you want to have one, make sure that it has the symbols of love, protection and devotion.

Discover Feng Shui. Learn how to maximize the use of every space cleansing tool and its energies to improve your health, wealth and relationship.

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Saturday, 17 February 2018

6 Reasons Why You Should Do Space Cleansing

Space Cleansing Your Home in Very Easy Steps

Space cleansing is a great way to bring in good energies that will help you create a calm and peaceful environment. When you have that kind of environment, life becomes more bearable. You have peace of mind.

It is always best to perform space cleansing at least once a year. There are other ways to purify your space. In some culture, space cleansing can be done by smudging, fire, salt. asperging, sweeping and house blessing. It all depends on the culture or religious belief of a certain individual.

If you are not tied to any religious organization, you can do space cleansing by yourself. All you need to do is to have the materials needed and arrange your schedule so that you can perform the ritual properly.

The advantages of space cleansing:

1. It frees you from any stuck energy. Most of us don't know about the energies in our home. People have a hard time moving on and starting a new life because bad energies exists in their space. They get stuck with these energies.

Doing space cleansing most especially after separation or death of a loved one should be done in order to have a clear space.

2. It helps us to be more focused on our tasks. When our house is organized and the space is clear, we get to decide quickly and tasks can be done immediately.

3. You can sleep soundly. Good health and sleep are connected to each other. It's the only time that our bodies get to recover.

4. It can help you achieve your goals. When you get to do things right away, you can reach your goals faster.

5. You have more time for other things. Most of us complain of our time. Space cleansing and organization helps us save time by clearing our minds, making us capable of working faster which in turn helps us save time. When we have time on our hands, we can do sports or pursue our other passion.

6. You can spend more time with the people you love. Most relationships suffer because we are stuck with unnecessary things. Extra time on our hands means we have more time to nurture our relationships. It means that you'll have a healthier and happier relationship with everybody around you.

The advantages enumerated above are just a few of the many benefits of space clearing and it's the start to a better and brighter life. Start the clearing today and experience a better environment and life.

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

3 Feng Shui Signs That You Are In A Bad Relationship

Feng Shui And Bad Relationships

Most of us have experienced bad relationship. You thought that you have found the right one. It was pure bliss the first few weeks or months of the relationship, then it slowly turned into a nightmare.

Instead of realizing that something not good is going on, we don't feel that way. We think it is  normal and learn to live with it. We turn a blind eye when it comes to bad relationships.

So before you go deeper into that relationship, try to observe and think if this is the relationship that you really want. Perhaps you are seeing some signs that the person you are having relationship with is not the one for you and that it is bringing the worst instead of bringing out the best in you.

These are the Feng Shui signs that you are in a bad relationship:

1. He calls you names and is not supportive when it comes to your hobbies and talents. You have become too dependent on him to the extent that he is the one who is making almost all the decisions in your life.

You don't want to introduce him to your family and friends because you have this feeling that they will not approve him or will discourage you from having relationship with him.

Relationships are supposed to make us feel good, confident and happy. Our partners should be our main support. They should encourage us to be a better version of our own selves.

2. You just don't trust him and he doesn't trust you too. You have this urge to take a peek at his phone or computer. You want to read his emails and text messages and he does the same thing.

Trust is vital in every relationship. If you want to make the relationship to grow stronger and longer, try to work things out. Talk about it. If it is impossible to resolve the issue then better stop the relationship. It won't do good to the both of you.

3. The relationship becomes violent. It started with words then slowly becomes physical. Some people justify physical violence and even think it is normal.

Love and violence doesn't come in package. Getting hurt physically and emotionally is not true love. It is the most visible sign of being in a bad relationship.

Each one of us deserves a good, loving and happy relationship. If you are suffering in a bad relationship right now, it's time for you to wake up! You are special and there is someone out there who deserves your love and who can give back the love and happiness that you truly deserve.

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Saturday, 10 February 2018

6 Feng Shui Tips For Single Men And Women

Attract Love With Feng Shui

Being single is not a bad thing but being in love is better for most people. No matter what a person's  status in life is, being single is not what most people desired to become.

We always long for someone that we can talk to, share our problems with and have a partner to celebrate every inch of our success.

Whether you're a single woman looking for someone you can lean on or a single man searching for a woman that you can go home to, Feng Shui can help you attract love.

Below are the 6 easy Feng Shui steps that you can use to attract love:

1. Wear your colors. Catch the attention of others by wearing the right colors. The pink color looks charming for girls and boys catches the attention of girls when they use lighter clothes.

White shoes makes a man look attractive while the red shoes looks good for a woman. Of course, your shoes should be perfectly clean.

2. Be in shape. A healthy body does not mean thin. Strive to have a plump body.

3. Scents make you feel good. Rose oil is known to bring good luck with the opposite sex. Use it in your personal space.

4. The red color is the color of love and romance. It has a festive meaning. Single or not, it is best to use it in your bedroom. You can use it as a color motif on your private place.

5. Use the power of direction. The west is the direction of love. The next time you go out, use this direction to attract love. Choose the west part when  you go to a nice restaurant.

6. Pay attention to the decorations in your home. The items in your space should be in pairs. A pair of candles, vase or heart crystals will bring you love.

Discover how Feng Shui can help you to bring good health, wealth and good relationship.

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Feng Shui, Your Love And Relationship

Feng Shui Tips To Attract Real Love And Relationship

Attracting love and relationship is a popular Feng Shui application.

In Feng Shui, a relationship involves energy. The energy of two people and their surroundings. Real love happens when the people involved are surrounded by good energies.

When you want to attract a good relationship or a lasting love, you have to first pay attention to yourself. Address your emotional needs or love yourself first.

If there's no self-love, then a good and lasting relationship will never happen. No matter what Feng Shui cure you use, love and relationship will always be temporary.

4 Top Feng Shui Love And Relationship Tips:

1. Create a sanctuary that emphasizes in vibrancy, healing and sensuality. Make your bedroom a place that can accommodate the energies of two people. It should have a balanced energy for the two of you.

2. Make sure that you love the look of your bedroom. A cozy and warm looking bedroom will take your worries away. It calms your mind and body and would invite you and your partner to stay often. It is an important tool for the love and relationship to grow.

3. Bring in fresh energy into your bathroom. Bathrooms are often taken for granted in most homes. This creates bad energies.

It is a place for purification and cleansing. Create a spa experience. Make sure that it is clean and organized.

4. Use the power of decorations. Modern Feng Shui cures for relationships are effective. A nice looking art piece such as painting that shows love or lovers is perfect in your love or marriage area.

Ask the help of a Feng Shui expert to learn more about the Bagua areas in your own home.

If used properly, Feng Shui can give you the change that you need. An intelligent approach will not only bring you love, but also health and wealth.

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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Space Cleansing Your Place With Five Easy Steps

Bring Good Energy In Your Space With Space Cleansing

Space cleansing should be made in our homes, office and business establishment every year. Its purpose is to get rid of all bad energies that will eventually affect our lives.

There are a lot of ways to cleanse our space. You can modify some of the steps. Do what makes you comfortable. The most important thing is that you are doing it.

Below are the space cleansing steps that you should do in your space:

1. Plan your space cleansing carefully. You should have sufficient time, have the energy to do it and not rush the activity. The best time to do space cleansing is from 11 am to 1 pm. Make sure also that you are in the mood to do it. When you have the right energy then everything will go smoothly.

2. Prepare the things that you need like several candles, incense, sage or smudge stick, essential oils, crystals for live energy, fresh flowers, good music, bell and a sturdy table.

3. Play a good music to make the place more relaxing. Open the windows to allow bad energies to live and the good energy to enter.

4. If it's possible, light a candle in each room and walk around the house with a burdened incense stick. This will bring a fresh smell into each room.

5. There are a number of ways to do space cleansing in your home. The popular ones are using essential oils, ringing of bells and smudging. You can use essential oils that you can spray around the house.

The best scents are cedar, sandalwood and lemongrass. You can also use sage for smudging. You just have to be careful during the activity so as to avoid staining your furniture's.

Always remember that space cleansing is a way to get rid of bad energies. Do not overdo the activity, but bear in mind that you can always do it more than once in a year.

I hope that you will enjoy your space cleansing activity. Start as soon as possible and bring in the energy of good health, wealth and good relationships in your house.

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