Thursday, 31 August 2017

Create Wealth With Feng Shui

The Relationship Of Money And Feng Shui

They say money is the root of all evil. I say money is good if you know how to use it in a right way.

We go to work every day in order to have money. Our everyday life revolves around getting the things that we want and living a good life.

However, in this day and age wherein we are surrounded with things, we are often left wondering at the end of the day. How come that we are always short of money? Why are there people which own tons of money and people who are poor? Why is it that other people don't get to have enough wealth, even when they work so hard for it?

In feng shui, wealth is energy. You can attract it and work for it. Creating wealth is not possible when our minds are too crowded. Thinking about a lot of small things takes away our focus on the big things.

When our mind and our space are filled with a lot of stuff, we cannot think things clearly. Our decision making is affected.

It's just a matter of putting things in order and getting rid of the negative energies that are present in our space.

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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Water For Good Feng Shui

The Power of Water For Good Health And Wealth

Water is one of the most powerful sources of nature. It can be a healer and it can also be a destroyer.

In feng shui, water is one of the most popular feng shui cures. The sound of it brings in good energy and it brings calm to one's soul.

Water is the symbol of wealth and abundance. It is considered as good feng shui.

These are the reason to use indoor fountain in your home:

It acts as a humidifier to your air. Most especially during winter where the air in our home becomes dry. It gives moisture to the room and they are good for the plants too.

They add visual appeal to your space. If you have a nice looking water fountain, they can become a good conversation piece.

Indoor water fountains also produce negative ions that attract dust and other irritants. It clears our air.

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Monday, 28 August 2017

Bring Feng Shui Into Your Relationship

Grow And Strengthen Your Relationship Through Feng Shui

A relationship is the fruit of love and we as humans tend to grow fast through it. Our relationships bring us joy, challenges us and lets us experience heaven and earth.

However, these days, we tend to experience more of chaos. This makes us wonder.  Does relationship have to be a roller coaster ride? Is it possible to have a happy and peaceful relationship?

Feng shui may not be a know all, cure all philosophy, but it is a great tool to attract and improve your relationship.

Here are tips for a stronger and better relationship:

Maintain a well-organized room. Clutter brings in ad energy and adds up stress to your relationship.

Paint your bedroom with feng shui love color such as red, pink, white and skin tone colors.

Put identical furniture on each side of the bed. This will mean equality in your relationship.

Get rid of mirrors inside the bedroom. It brings in the energy of another party.

Separate love and any form of work. Remove any gadgets and television in your room.

Put nice photos of you and your partner. This will help you reminisce the good times.

Always use fresh and clean bedding. This will encourage you both to stay long and cuddle in bed.

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Feng Shui And Letting Go

Feng Shui Basic: Let Go For A Brand New Life

The reason why the world is so chaotic today is that because we tend to hold on to the past.

We are so used to replaying the same scenario in our minds. Our minds are so powerful that what we put inside of it will eventually become a reality.

When we refuse to let go, our lives turn upside down. It drags us down and everything is affected.

Letting go of someone or something is one of the hardest things to do. It involves emotions such as pain.

However, the advantages always outweigh the disadvantages. When we let go of things, or relationships, we give space to the new things in our life. We feel in control of our life, you learn to embrace acceptance and peace, and you'll be able to move forward.

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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Money And Feng Shui

Wealth Within Your Reach

Feng shui is an ancient philosophy that deals with movement of objects to invite good energy into our space.

Money is energy. In feng shui, there are different ways to attract health, prosperity and abundance.

Here are the tips on how to attract wealth in your life:

1.) Get rid of clutter in your place. Clutter mean stuck energy. Learn how to live in an organized space.

2.) Make space for good energy. Don't accumulate unnecessary stuffs in your home. Create an open space into your home and let good energy come in.

3.) Use water cures in your home. Money is water and indoor fountains can bring that wealth energy into your home. If you don't like fountains, try to use wall decors that has images of waterfalls and nature.

4.) Use the power of plants. You can put the money plant or the lucky bamboo in your living space.

5.) Place feng shui symbols in your living room. Some people choose a Laughing Buddha or a golden ship of wealth.

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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Play the Feng Shui Game of Chess

What has Feng Shui got to do with a Game of Chess?

The chessboard has 64 spaces on it in which the strategy game plays out.  Feng Shui originates from the Book of Changes known for its Trigrams that make up 64 hexagrams.  Each hexagram depicts the movement and cycle through our lives; that we go through cycles, through situations and there are 64 specific situations that we can experience at any one time.

Feng Shui is all about strategy in how you choose to set up your environment so that it creates the best life for you to experience.  Using the ideas of yin and yang which is the symbol of balance and Chess is played in the two colours black and white depicting two opposite forces each one trying to eliminate the other.

In our lives we require a Castle not only to retreat to but one to keep guard on ourselves and what is out there.  Hence our homes become a sort of Castle dont they?  We put security on the door, we only allow certain people into the inner caverns of our home and we treat it as though we are the king and queen of our own Castle.

We have the Bishop or the Authority in the home.  Someone who we go for advice, keep counsel with in order to guide us to the right decisions to be made.  Within our homes we can create our sacred spaces in order to allow ourselves to keep counsel within ourselves.  Afterall, if we cannot trust ourselves who can we trust?

The Knight, a chivalrous and courageous figure has a particular movement - it veers to the right or the left.  Movement is restricted but dont we all have a Knight within us?  Or the quality of that Knight; we are courageous towards or for others' or towards ourselves.  Being stoical, strong is the quality of a Knight and whilst we might look for this  especially the women this is all about protection, romance with charm.

How do you bring in these qualities of the Castle-protection, Bishop-reflection, Knight-charm within our own homes?

WE can create a sacred space for ourselves to retreat to away from the woes and chaos of the world.
If you are wanting to find the strength within yourself and be courageous then putting a picture depicting this in your area for Journey in Life is significantly mesmerising that image to you daily.

Finding pictures, anything that creates an atmosphere of strength, romance, or self counselling are all going to feedback to yourself the great qualities you truly have within you.

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

House Decorating Tips For The Wood Element Person

The Wood Element Person And His Home

The wood element person is kind, understanding, and gentle. They love charity work.

Just like the characteristics of a tree which is aggressive when it comes to growth, wood type people are steadfast, organized, logical, practical, innovative, unique, assertive, independent, and direct. They love adventure, and challenge. They also love perfection that is why they always push themselves to the limit, and seek out the best.

Wood type people has a lot of weaknesses too. They are impatient, intolerant, and get upset, and frustrated easily.

Wood element people like sour, and salty food rather than the spicy taste, and their colors are blue, green, and brown.

Here are some tips on how to decorate a wood element person's home:

Bring in the wood feng shui element into your home or office with lush and healthy plants. It purifies your air and it's easy to do.

Decorate your living rooms with paintings that depict lush forest or even waterfalls. It is a symbol of abundance and abundance means money.

Love collecting? Wood sculpture can be added on your list.

Consider painting your wall with wood element colors. Brown and green colors are great for the walls.

The sound of wind chimes takes away the bad energies in your place. Let go of your stress by listening to the sound of the wind chimes.

A wooden bench are great for the house too. Buy something that will serve as a good conversation piece.

Throw pillows or rags that has tree or plant design or are in wood element colors.

If you're a wood element person and you wish to put balance in your space, don't hesitate to contact me. Kindly check my website at

Sunday, 20 August 2017

House Decorating Tips For The Metal Element Person

The Metal Element Person And His Home

There are people who have strong personality. They always tend to overpower the people around them. These people are the likes of US President George W. Bush, and United Kingdom's first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

In feng shui, such people belong to the metal element. They are strong, self motivated, and goal oriented. They are highly capable, and have a strong sense of pride. Metal people are responsible, disciplines, and loyal. They foster good relationships with the people around them. In other words they are born leaders.

Along with their strong personality comes their negative side, and weaknesses. Metal people are impatient by nature. They're stubborn, critical, harsh, and sometimes self-centered.

Their colors are white, golden, and silver. Metal people also love spicy food.

These are the home decoration tips for metal element people:

1.) Decorate your space withe metal bowls or vases. Use different shapes, and sizes to add character to your space.

2.) Use gray, or white colored pillows to make your space interesting.

3.)  A white colored sofa will make your living room look neat, and clean.

4.) Tell the world about your childhood, or the important events in your life by putting your photos on metal colored frames.

5.) Shift the energy in your home by painting your walls with white, or gray.

6.) Maximize the energy in your space by adding Buddha in your place.

7.) Create a well-lit home by using good quality fixtures. Make sure to use gold, or silver color chandeliers.

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Thursday, 17 August 2017

What is that Feng Shui Feeling?

Yes, what is this Feng Shui Feeling?

Well without people being conscious of what drives them to work, run around in circles, study  a lot of the time people are just wanting to buy into a better feeling that the one they have had before or have never had the opportunity to experience before.

Nothing wrong with that but how do people go about doing that?

Well, for many its the house that people rent, own that commands the energy they wish to create to make them FEEL a certain way.  However, it's not just what is inside but where it is located, the context of the home, the entrance and FEEL of the area.

When going through the entrance of any building the architecture, the plants and flowers, the adornments, anything that elevates, or creates a feeling of awe is most sought after.  Of course, these feelings are all relative depending on where you live, what you had before but we all know that the feeling that we create or that has been created for us by a designer, artist, architect, engineer has been designed to touch the very emotional tapestry of our own hearts.  Strings are pulled and we let go into a dance of space, love and adoration for what we are feeling as we experience that space.

For others, its the FEELING of a car and how it makes them energised within; whether its the interior, the colour, the design, the size of the engine but the energy of that piece of machinery creates all kinds of great feelings some people aspire to have in their life.  This is why Google, BMW, Apple take great focus on how their clients, customers want to feel from the positioning of their cup holder at their fingertips to the quality of the textiles on the seats.  This is Feng Shui - the colours, the textures, the aroma, the orientation and so much more.

You see Feng Shui is not about a load of toads and red ribbons adorning a room but more importantly how the orientation, the 5 elements of nature and creation are also versed and properly ordered so that the inhabitant is synchronised almost like a kaleidescope to feel the joy, the balance and allure of a perfect elemental feeling to their space in which they inhabit whether it be a home, a car, a caravan or a workspace.

If you realise that you are working hard all your life to create a feeling that makes you feel relaxing, centred, peaceful, successful then why not get your place in order where you live now?  You can create that very same feeling now and when you use my tips for the fengShui of your home guess what?

you start to attract even more of what you have created already and that is abundance, success, peace and relaxation.

What do you think?

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Feng Shui Tips For The Fire Element Person

House Decorating Tips For The Fire Element Person

Are you a fire element person? People who belong to the fire element are passionate, exciting, and intense. They know what they want and pursue them with passion. They love the juice of life, the experience, and give pride to their accomplishments.

In feng shui, the fire people are impulsive, and brave. They don't have time to stay still. They're opinionated, and love to reinvent. They're charismatic, and interesting to be around with, which makes them catch other people easily. They are comfortable talking in public, and they don't hide their problems.

They are also very much devoted, and passionate about exploring their relationship. They tend to show their feelings, and are fearless in expressing it.

We all need some fire element in our lives because it brings in the action component that is essential if we want to achieve anything into our lives.  It is all about balance because sometimes the fire energy and the running around too much often achieves nothing.  It has to be strategised action carefully thought through for the results you want to achieve.

People with too much fire can be impulsive, obsessive, and immature. This leads them to making up with poor decisions which can be very devastating later on most especially with money. Their prone to change can sometimes lead them to betraying others.

The colors for them are red, and orange. They love spicy, strong-flavored, and tangy food. They love hard rock, heavy metal, brass, and angry music.

Here's how to decorate a  fire element person's home:

Color it red. Color is the easiest way to bring the needed shift in the energy in your home or office. Try to paint your wall with red, royal, purple, or orange.

Bring in a strong presence of the fire element with red colored vases. Use different sizes to add drama to your place.

Use candles, and candle holders. Decorate your space with red, purple, or orange candles, and candle holders. They're good substitute for the fireplace.

Accentuate your place with good quality chandeliers. Use different shapes, and good lighting. They will be good conversation piece.

Decorate your wall with beautiful art pieces in red, orange, or yellow.

Use rugs, curtains, and throw pillow in your space. They are visually pleasing to the eyes.

Choose a red furniture for your space. This will brighten, and bring more energy to your space.

If you want to bring more fire into your life and you want to put organization, and balance in your home, feel free to contact me. Kindly visit my website at www.wealthyspaces,com. Together, let's bring in harmony, and balance in your space.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Feng Shui & Colours


We have looked at the vibration of sounds through the singing bowls, the vibration of aromas through smells of rose, orange and geranium but what about the vibration of colours and how does that affect us in our own environments?

In order to sustain some kind of balance in our lives the use of colour is also essential.  I go in and out of cities all over the world but one place strikes me so full of black, brown, grey and dark blue and that is London.  I see few brighter  colours floating around and the atmosphere can be quite heavy.

That is why incorporating a healthy selection of colours into your home, workplace are essential as we can see how Google in their head office considers creative colours an essential ingredient to the creativity of their designers.

So Red is the colour of dynamism and its frequency can be fast but it is a colour used in all cultures because of it's connection to vibrancy and good luck.  Red is the colour of the fire element when we look at the elemental system in Feng Shui.  It is the colour that ignites so if you need a lot of energy it is ideal to bring it into your space whether through flowers, pictures, cushions or even on the walls and can be ideal in the bedroom for passion.

Orange is the colour of grounding, its pulling you towards the Earth and is excellent for the stomach area and self esteem hence the reason for the Buddhist clothing being Orange.  Good for the Kitchen because of its interaction with the stomach and appetite.

Yellow is another grounding colour associated with earth; excellent for creativity and for being in the Now especially for children so this would be ideal for the nursery or children's bedrooms.

Green is a frequency that is much slower than red making it more relaxing.  Excellent colour for your sacred space, to retreat to and is the colour of the Wood Element.  Green is all about growth, health and good fortune; paper comes from wood and money is associated with that. 

Blue is softer in frequency-it is flowing and slowing us down and is associated with the Water Element.  Great for communication, wealth, calming scenarios and this can be manifested and found in pictures, frames, curtains, blue glassware and glass beads.

Purple is the divinity and is transcendent - this can be brought in to create a spiritual essence through curtains, vases, flowers, pictures, upholstery.  It provides a feeling of security and seems to take us into another dimension of the invisible.  Great for your meditation room.

White is the colour of Metal and the element is about shining, reflective, transformative.  Often reflected in mirrors and its frames, crystals hanging, gemstones epitomised in pictures, artwork and furniture.  Textures, colours, or wallpaper.

So, now you are armed with what colours can do for you and shift the elements within you to create balance or for whatever energy you wish to attract into your home.  If you need some assistance with the colours in your own home feel free to visit me on

Friday, 11 August 2017

Feng Shui Tips For A Water Element Person's Home

House Decoration Ideas Of A Water Element Person's Space

Water is one of the most powerful forces of nature. It is the only feng shui element that can exist in several different states, from liquid to gas to solid. It is a different kind of power. It can be a powerful healer, as well as the powerful destroyer.


Water is the ancient symbol of abundance, so be sure you are skillful at expressing the water element in your space in order to attract money and good health.

Blue is the color of water element people. It's calm, cool, and refreshing. It promotes a deeper sense of connection to life's mysteries.

How do you bring a strong presence of the water feng shui element into your space? Make your space visually appealing, and use aesthetically appropriate items that go well with your home or office decor. Water element should be in the feng shui Bagua areas of North, East, and Southeast.

These are suggestions of decorative items that best express the energy of the water element:

                                              fountain by

1.) The best way to keep the energy of water feng shui element in your space is a fountain. It will create better energy in your space, bring in calm, and refresh your own energy.


2.) Color is the easiest way to bring the needed energy shift of your home, or in your office. Water feng shui element people should use the colors of blue, and black.

                                             pillows by

3.) Use more water colors in your space with pillows, rugs, and curtains.

                                                   mirror by target      

4.) Mirrors can change the flow of energy in any given space. It brings a strong presence of the water element, so it is good to use it in the home, or office. However, mirrors should be banned inside the bedroom.


5.) Paintings can do wonders to your feng shui space. You can open up a North wall by decorating it with a high energy ocean or nourish your Southeast wall with a spring waterfall.

6.) Decorate your house with indoor plants such as lotus, water chestnut, water lily, or willow.

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Feng Shui & The Power of Sound for Wealth

Have you ever heard the expression "You can smell the Wealth?" well what about hearing the wealth

That is what the singing bowls can do for you but How?  The singing bowls are one way of

cleansing the atmosphere because the atmosphere  holds water and water holds memory, the build up

of patterns of defeatist thoughts, self sabotaging energy are often found in specific locations, buildings where people never ever have a certain degree of wealth.

Yes it does come down to mindset and how to defeat those patterns.  When the singing bowls are

resonating a particular sound they are clearing away old patterns of negative thoughts either those

that belong to yourself or to others'.

Space-Clearing Box

So how would it feel if you could cleanse that space and then, with your own positive thoughts of

wealth and feelings of what that is to you as its not all about luxury cars and bling, then use the

singing bowls to set up patterns of positive and optimistic thoughts instead.

Space-Clearing Box

So, get yourself a singing bowl or go to where there is a special space-

clearing box you can purchase to get you started on the cleansing journey because I know you will

not regret it.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Six Ways To Feng Shui The House Of An Earth Element Person

Your Home According To Your Birth Element

What is your personality according to the five elements? Do you belong to the earth, metal, water, wood, or fire?

Learn your feng shui birth element, and create your home around it.

People who belong to the earth element are caring and selfless. They are supportive to the people around them, and even to strangers. Earth people care about what is real, physical, and experiential. Their goals are achievable, they are patient, and methodical in working toward them. In order to express their creativity, they need to their own energy.

They love their home, and it is usually a welcoming place, with comfortable chairs, plenty of food to eat, and pictures on the walls. Their favorite activities are gardening, cooking, eating, and building. Earth people are committed in their relationships, faithful, and trustworthy.

Enumerated below are feng shui tips for an Earth element person:

1.) Decorate your house with colors such as orange, red, beige, terracotta, brown, and all earth colors.

2.) Minimizing using the colors green, white, and gray.

3.) Use crystals, and stones to bring the earth element into your space. Learn how to use them to have a happier, calmer, and peaceful home.

4.) Use chandeliers in Earth colors with crystals on it.

5.) Earthenware bowls, and vases has a rich Earth element. They are good for your home.

6.) Terracotta colored rugs, pillows, and curtains create good feng shui. They strengthen the foundation of your home, and bring good energy to your space.

If you want your home to have a good feng shui, try to visit my website at It's always good to fill your space with good energy.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Feng Shui & Meditation

Meditation - yes that word that can mean so many things to so many.  What does meditation have to do with Feng Shui?  Everything!

Funadmentally Feng Shui is about change, about fluctuation - see the I Ching - and ultimately about Balance.

One of the ways to acquire any kind of Balance from within is to close your eyes, breathe through your nose and out through your nose and let go.  

I have to laugh sometimes when I have seen so many of the big huge Buddha's I see around the world; they look so peaceful, vacant of stress and worry just like the one below:

Having meditated most of my life - a long time meditator who has not found it easy at all - in fact stoically resisted a sense of letting go many times over - I realised one day after meditating for quite some time and then seeing these amazing statues in Thailand and Sri Lanka I made a realisation.  These statues are remnants of people who have left the building.  Yes, it is possible to leave what you consider yourself - "self" and hence nothing is there anymore.

In all the subjects I have taught including meditation I have also always told my students dont believe anything I say. Why? because my realisations are not their realisations and they have to make them themselves.

So how do we get to a place just to sit down with ourselves; feel or acquire some degree of balance from within and then that impacts upon our lives; click here

Inside Out Feng Shui

Here you will find that one of the most important things you can ever do for yourself is to take care of the Inner Home within.  Here you will discover ways to assist you to sit down, focus and concentrate.

One of the reasons there is so much addiction, self sabotage, self hatred in the world aswell as all the conflict is because people have lost their own inner sense of balance so often we are all reacting to things that have nothing to do with us or we are just connected to a world vibration that is intent on burying our own inner treasures.

That is why when you click below you will be taking the first step on your own meditation journey:

So if you know Balance is what is required in your life no matter whether its on the spiritual, financial, health or emotional level subscribe to my page or youtube where you will find more details and ways to be assisted in your meditation journey.

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