Tuesday, 30 January 2018

2018 - The Year Of The Dog

Learn About This Year's Zodiac - The Year Of The Dog

2018 is the Year of the Dog. In the Chinese calendar, it will officially start on Friday, February 16.

The dog is the eleventh of all the zodiac animals. They are associated with the earth element in its yang form. Dogs also carry in them the fire and metal elements also in its yang form.

This animal which is considered to be man's best friend are known for their loyalty. The word abandon is not in their vocabulary.

Despite the way they look and act, they have this caring trait inside. However, they have this strong willingness to do what they want and they will not let anything or anybody stop them.

Men who were born in the year of the dog are energetic, genuine and straightforward.

They care for their family and their stubbornness gets away when they are in front of their family.

Women who were born in the year of the dog are cautious. They stay away from people that they don't like. They don't trust easily. They are also protective of their family and friends.

They are independent and nature lover. They are also hard workers and are driven to succeed. They want stability.

People who were born on the year of the dog are compatible with people who were born on the year of the rabbit, tiger and horse. The rabbits are kind, tigers are reassuring and horses are understanding.

The zodiacs that are least compatible with the dogs are the dragon, ox and goat. They clash with the dragons, they're cold with the oxen and they feel uncomfortable with the goat people.

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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Apply Good Feng Shui Tips To Bring Luck To Your Wedding

Feng Shui Wedding Tips For A Happier Relationship

A wedding is an important milestone in one's life. It involves a lot of things and a long time to make it a success.

Weddings are special occasion. Hence, we always spend a lot of our time and money to make it as unique as possible. But that along will not make things turn out right.

Here are Feng Shui tips for a successful wedding:

1. Check the numbers. Deciding on a wedding date is the first thing to do. Numbers 8 and 9 are considered lucky numbers. The number 8 means love and number 9 represents eternity.

Two numbers that sums up to 8 or 9 are also lucky numbers. One good example is number 17. Add the 2 numbers and you get 8. The same thing goes for numbers 26 and 27.

2. Consider the color of your wedding dress. The Chinese people use the color white for mourning. Choose instead the colors beige, ivory or gold. If you really want to use white on your wedding day,  add a touch of pink or beige.

3. Bring good energy on your reception by using good lighting. Light is good energy and a well lighted reception means a brighter future ahead of you.

Natural light is good but if it's not abundant in your reception area, use candles and mirrors. It lightens up your space and makes the area look bigger. You can also use chandeliers and crystals for additional luck.

4. Decorating the place in pairs is vital. Decorate the place with a pair of vases and candles to bring more love into your relationship.

5. A garden or an outdoor wedding is a good example of a good Feng Shui wedding. If it's impossible, then try to find a place where there is a good view of nature.

6. Feng Shui is also about creating a space that will enable the good energies to flow freely. Avoid using pointed objects most especially the square or rectangular shaped tables. Choose round or oval tables instead.

7. For the good old phrase "something old, something borrowed, something blue," be sure to ask it from people who are happily married.

Cheers to a healthier, happier and wealthier marriage.

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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Why Feng Shui Is Essential To Your Marriage

Feng Shui & Your Marriage

We could ask what on earth has Feng Shui got to do with  marriage or the wedding you have arranged?  Well, below are just some of the reasons why where you are going to live and how it feels is of paramount importance.  When people move into new homes, they think everything is going to be hunky dory.

But certain energies found within homes whether they are new or old hold patterns of energy and when people come into that geometry it can cause sudden arguments, niggles, conflicts in marriage.  Some homes have the same problem over and over where people are living in strife and conflict.

Of course it is not just down to the home but places make people feel differently and that can alter how people behave towards each other.

Here are some of the essential tips to consider:
  1. Where are you going to live?  Who lived there before and what is the energy of the place feel like.  Don't make the mistake because its got a whole load of white paint on the walls and everything is white fresh and new that certain energies do not exist there.
  2. Always find out about the history of the building and who lived there before and what happened to them.
  3. Irregardless of how luxurious it may LOOK or great always cleanse the space  as shown here in my channel: http://bit.ly/2Dkyqdb
  4. Ensure the front entrance of the residence is inviting and welcoming.  How to create the best entrance ever is found in my new book "Opportunities Knock on Doors with Good Vibes"
  5. For stronger marriage, make sure the compass direction for both of you works well so that there is a cooperation between the two energies.
  6. Focus on protection of the home. This can be done at the front entrance. Make sure you are well protected from the back of the property.
  7. Because one of the leading arguments between couples is money, make sure that all the water works in the home is not leaking, dripping or is lying stagnant.
Ask around or observe how people's lives have often instantly changed when they have moved into their new home. Repeated arguments, money conflicts, stressed through conversing about financial matters.  

However, if you are aware of these energetic patterns in all buildings, you can preempt the above by preparing your beautiful home for the best time ever with your partner. Here is how:
Click on the link: http://bit.ly/2furcsB to find out what you can change before it is too late!

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The Must Have Feng Shui Plants In Your Garden

Enhance Good Energy In Your Space By Using Feng Shui Plants

Creating a beautiful garden in your home using Feng Shui plants can bring more health benefits more than you can imagine. From relieving the stress in your body to purifying the air you breathe.

Choosing what plants to put in your garden is a little bit challenging and fun. It unleashes the artist in you. It is also mentally stimulating and keeps your mind sharp.

Listed below are the 10 must have Feng Shui plants in your garden:

1. The lotus flower is the top Feng Shui plant on our list. For the Chinese people, this flower is a symbol of protection. It is being used in Chinese medicine, from the petals down to the roots.

2. The peony is known as the national flower of China. It represents aristocracy, power, wealth, honor and luck making it an important Feng Shui plant in your garden. It is commonly used in Chinese art and it is called the flower of riches and honor.

3. The daylily is the symbol of maternal love and fertility, making it the flower for mothers. It is also a symbol of filial love. It is commonly used as food and herb by the Chinese people.

4. When it comes to plants, the bamboo is easily identified with the Chinese culture. It is a common sight in parks and forests in China. It symbolizes virtue. It is believed to reflect people's soul and emotion most especially their positive spirits.

5. The orchid is known to represent the qualities of a gentleman like graciousness, culture and nobility. It also represent the energy, purity and graceful beauty.

6. The pomegranate represents fertility in Feng Shui. Couples who want to have kids are advised to plant the tree in their garden. It is believed that the seeds in the fruit means the number of offspring a couple can have.

7. Apple trees are known to bring luck. It also symbolize good relationships in the home.

8. An orange tree is known to bring luck. It is connected with wealth, good luck and abundance.

9. Plum trees means the signal of darkness and the start of a new beginning. It represent charm, friendship and brotherliness.

10. The pine tree is also a must have in your garden. It belongs to the wood energy and  it never wane. It represent dignity, longevity, resilience and integrity. It is believed that the roots represent our ancestors and the branches are our offspring and our future.

These Feng Shui plants bring good energy to your space. Take good care of them. Lush and healthy plants give good energy while wilted and dying plants bring bad energy to your space.

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Friday, 12 January 2018

Feng Shui Your Way To A Successful Career

Feng Shui Tips For A Successful Career

Do you wonder why some people have successful careers and some people just stay in lower positions all their life? Do you feel stuck in your own work and you wish to get out and move higher in your workplace?

Feng Shui offers a number career tips that can help you succeed in your chosen field. Some are simple ones and some are quite advanced. Everything depends on the different Feng Shui calculations.

However, if the situation is not that bad, a basic Feng Shui adjustment can be made.

Here are the simple Feng Shui tips that you can follow for you to have that successful career:

1. Practice the law of attraction. We are living in abundance and we can attract the things that we want to have. It's just a matter of focus and being surrounded by the right quality of energy.

If you want to have a successful career in business, then surround yourself with pictures of people that you look up to in the field of business. If your dream is to become a pilot, then display airplane toys in your place.

2. Good energy always bring luck. One way of having good energy is keeping live plants in your office. Plants bring vibrancy to your space. It also cleans the air and lowers the amount of pollutants.

 A place with live energy will also keep your energy high. This in turn will help you come up with the right decisions or career moves.

3. Consider putting Feng Shui cures in your area such as an image of running horses or a Feng Shui dragon with a pearl or crystal in its claw.

4. The color on your wall is vital in bringing in the energy of your space. Paint it with light and vibrant colors to make your place alive. This will help you focus on your work which will eventually help you have a successful career.

Together with hard work, the Feng Shui tips mentioned above are tools that can help you reach the top.

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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Feng Shui And The Yellow Color In Your Home

Bring Good Energy To Your Home With The Yellow Color

Yellow belongs to the earth element. It is the color that represents nourishment. Just like the sun, it brings warmth and good energy to your space.

The yellow color has always been used by the ancient Chinese. It was a popular color for their clothes because of the kind of uplifting energy it brings.

If you wish to bring life to your home, you can use this color in a lot of different ways. It will easily turn your space into a cheerful and welcoming place.

Below are the different ideas on how to use the yellow color in your home:

1. The living room is where you talk to your guests. Adding a yellow couch will make you and your guests feel comfortable, a yellow wall will make your place look bigger and a bunch of fresh yellow flowers is a good conversation piece.

2. To attract the energy of abundance, use the color in your dining room. You can use yellow colored table mats and yellow colored fruits such as banana, mango and pineapple. Yellow colored food also looks appetizing.

3. It promotes nourishment and it balances the fire element in your kitchen. A yellow colored coffee, toaster, pots, pan or even walls can bring life and balance to your cooking space.

Always remember that this color brings life and energy to your space so it is best to use it minimally in the bedroom. If it is overly used in your sleeping space, you may find it difficult to rest.

Decorating your space the feng shui way doesn't need to be expensive. Bringing the energy to your space without spending a lot of money is possible with a little bit of creativity.

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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Create A Healthy Money Flow With Feng Shui

Your Money Flow And Feng Shui

Money is energy. It can either energize us or it can drain us. The word currency, just like water, is something that we want to flow in our lives.

In feng shui, our money flow is heavily affected by the things around us. The vibrations around us is affecting our very own vibrations.

Money flows easily when the energy around us is also flowing freely. This also goes the same with our health and relationships.

Below are the following tips that will let you have a healthy money flow:

1. Take care of the mouth of chi in your home. The entrance of your house plays an important role in feng shui. Opportunities equals money. Make sure that your door is free any clutter, the house number can be read and the doorbell is working.

2, Beware of any leak in your home. Water symbolizes money and leaking water means money going out of your pocket. It will really affect your money flow. Fix it immediately before it gets big.

3. Get rid of broken things in your space. If it doesn't have any value and it is beyond repair and flawed, then it's time to let it go. Cracked plates and cups should be out of your home.

4. Always close the bathroom door and the toilet lid. They flush your money down the drain.

5. Your cooking station symbolizes abundance. Make sure that everything is in perfect condition.

6. Use feng shui symbols to boost the money flow in your family. Images such as running horses, flowing water or nature are good representations of money flowing freely. It is also better to hang a crystal in your window to keep the energy alive in your home.

7. Spend time to examine yourself. What are your personal beliefs when you're dealing with your finances? Associating wealth, money and finances with fear and anxiety will never help you. Keep the energy high by relating money with wealth, good health, happiness and abundance.

Always remember that a healthy money flow is only possible when the energy within and around us is moving freely.

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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Increase Your Retail Sales With Feng Shui

Feng Shui Tips For Your Retail Sales

Your retail sales are affected by the kind of feng shui that your business have. It brings in the much needed cash. Indeed, the best part about having a business is to see an increase in its sales.

But the reality right now is that the lifespan of businesses is getting shorter. Businesses are closing down because of poor sales. Money became scarce.

It's one of the reasons why applying good feng shui in your business is important. Feng shui should be applied to your business if you wish to see an increase in your sales. Good feng shui in your business is a good tool that will help you in the growth of your business.

The following tips below will help you increase the cash flow of your business:

1. Control, control, control. Don't overstock your store. Sometimes, we feel too overwhelmed with our business and we try to display everything that we have. A crowded store will only stress your customers. Try to put just a little of each item and spread the most beautiful items all over your place.

2. Feed your customer's curiosity. Keep your inventory always updated. Shoppers will always spend time on new and interesting things. Update not only your physical store, but also your online shop as well.

3. Train your workers to be nice and friendly. When your employees willingly attends to the needs of the customers, it creates a good relationship which results in loyalty.

4. Make them feel special. Show your customers that you're thankful. Give them a special thank you cards after every purchase. You can also do the extra mile by sending them a text message on their special day.

5. The secret to an increase in sales is good retailing. Get the attention of your customers. Put unique products and special offerings in the lucky corners of your store. The lucky corners are located opposite and diagonal to the door.

How your store appears in the eyes of your customer is important if you wish your business to earn more money. Be mindful of how it looks like.

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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Apply Good Feng Shui To Your Business Right Now To Attract Customers

Feng Shui Tips To Attract Potential Customers

Applying good feng shui in your business right now is the best way to attract customers. When you get to use the right things in your establishment, you get to attract more customers. The increase in customers means an increase in sales.

Studies have shown that people go shopping because they feel good about it. They may be suffering deep inside and going to a store and buying something takes away their worries.

However, with a lot of shops opening everywhere these days, competition is getting tougher. You must create the right environment in your business that will make your customer stay.

Here are the feng shui tips for your business for you to be able to attract potential customers:

1. Space cleansing is a must in every space. It shakes up and get rid of any stuck energy in our space. This all in one space cleansing kit is the best tool to get rid of any bad energies in your space.

2. Check the business name. Is it easy to remember? Does it sound interesting? A complicated business name is considered bad feng shui. Make sure that the name catches the attention of the customer.

3. Spend time scrutinizing the entrance of your store. Make sure that the windows and the doors are clean. The signage should be clean and well lit.

4. Does your store give the customers a warm feeling? If you are the customer, do you want to stay longer inside the store? A crowded or cluttered store will give uneasiness to your shopper. Good chi makes your prospective customer stay longer.

5. Create a friendly environment for your customer. Train your staff to be well-mannered and friendly. You can also play nice music for a more relaxing atmosphere.

6. Lights bring good chi to your business. Make sure that your place is well-lighted. A dark place can have bad energy.

7. Business means money and a good business brings in money. Just like in an office, your cash register should be in a commanding position. This only means that it should be put in a place where you could see the entrance but not necessarily aligned with the door. A strong solid backing is also advised.

8. Pay attention to the air quality of your store. Does it smell good and fresh? Put fresh flowers or live plants in your space. You can also use aromatherapy for a better air quality on your store.

9. Play with colors. Orange is a happy color, yellow and red grabs the customer's attention, blue and green have a more calming effect and warm colors such as brown and orange are often inviting.

These tips are the things that you should do in your establishment. They are basic tips but they play an important role in attracting customers to your business.

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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Feng Shui, Bitcoin, & 2018!

If Everything is Energy then all cycles have a variation of energy from the beginning to the end.  Feng Shui operates the hub of a 5 elemental cycle and in the process of understanding that cycle there is always the first rush of raw fresh energy.  As that energy proceeds it goes towards creativity and like the tide coming in it begins to plateau and then dies and a new wave begins.

The cycle keeps going around and around but usually starts in a different place in the way a spiral operates.

So where does Bitcoin fit into this?  Well our fiat currency also operates on a cycle; the introduction of paper money, the $ and its reserve currency status wielding its power across the world.  But all Empires fall and have to give way to the new changes.

Feng Shui is all about change and that change is tabulated and calibrated with the patterns of the universal geometry.  These are patterns we cannot see with our own small perceptions of life.  In the same way that empires and currencies fall Bitcoin itself is also a part of a bigger pattern in creation.

It is a new dynamic force exploded onto the financial world initially purely an idea, a concept.  Bitcoin itself may not survive in its name but one thing for sure is now the innovative idea of what cryptocurrences can offer the world is now on the stage.  The new is about to fade the old into grey.  Fade to grey like all currencies eventually.

Bitcoin  has entered the dynamic, explosive part of the cycle.  New, innovative, mysterious creating a stir.  Just as in the cycles of those elements used in feng shui; the Metal element creating an idea, floating it into water, growing like a tree through wood, taking action to get involved like fire and then as all earth qualities grounding it by the result of what exactly the crypto gives you tangibly.

Besides the cycle Feng Shui also has its own tabulated form of energy lines moving through a system that creates 64 different kinds of change; as there are 64 squares on a chessboard each one a different position with different energies.  Likewise, the binary computer system in which crypto currency operates is also tabulated with a line - & 0.  We are back to the old adage of the two forces that create are realities; yin and yang and portrayed in many other cultures similarly.

How can this ancient system of change as in the Trigrams still have contemporary relevance today in the innovation of new concepts of financial exchange?  Because Energy never escapes, its just transforms into different shapes, paradigms, movements and what appears to be fresh, new is the same energy being used by different perceivers and creators!

Do not mistake Feng Shui for a modern contemporary idea but a system entrenched in the contribution to some of the inner truths about our world.
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