Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Feng Shui & Meditation

When I discovered Feng Shui I was learning how to meditate and I quickly realised that what I was 

discovering on the inside it was almost like there was a light shining on what was going on in my life 

and the bigger world. That was 25 years ago and having taught Feng Shui  at major retailers, 

universities and to property developers you realise that the light inside yourself when you meditate

shines up on your outer world.  I began to realise that there were no seams between what was going

on inside &outside of me - that there was no seperation and that everything going on in the world

was connected & beyond that which we perceive to be our world.

Meditation assisted me in reading environments from far more than theory or book knowledge but

from an intuitive realisation and signs and messages that were reflecting back constantly knowledge

to the occupant whether it was about their health, wealth, finances, relationships and children.

Our minds can be prisons and then we make our environments prisons of our everyday existence.

The only thing that awakens us often is either a trauma or an awakening from within via meditation, 

stillness or a forced incapacity to move and run from any situation.  I know because I was stuck in a 

hospital bed for two months at age 25 and had no choice but to watch the circus of life.  And, that

is exactly what it was; people coming to visit me but dumping their negativity at the same time; 

people who were suppose to be taking care of the sick letting slip their low morale because of the 

political diatribe that filtered into places that should otherwise have been sanctuaries of harmony and


So, when you take a while to meditate and see your environment and how it impacts on you that 

awareness you have achieved allows you to realise what it is you need to do to make the changes 

whether they be small or big.

I recently had someone who contacted me when I taught her 20 years ago from the other side of the 

world how much she recalled the meditation we did assisted in her life and how she had been 

listening to my youtube videos on meditating.  So, if you are interested in either Feng Shui or 

Meditation you can go to my Youtube channel & get started right away

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