Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Feng Shui For Your Bedroom

Create Your Very Own Feng Shui Bedroom

We spend most of our time at home in our bedroom. It is considered as our personal space or our sanctuary.

However, people these days don't get to have a good sleep for straight eight hours due to a very busy lifestyle and too much stress.

Having a good feng shui bedroom has its benefits. It gives you complete relaxation which is good for the tiring body. It also has a seductive appeal which brings excitement and strengthens the relationship.

In other words, a good bedroom can brighten your life, lighten your day and have a feeling of love.

Enumerated below are tips on how to make your own feng shui bedroom.

1. Declutter, declutter and declutter. It may seem irritating to hear listen to it but clutter is a bad energy. It makes you restless.

De-clutter In Seven Easy Steps

2. Get rid of television, gadgets and exercise equipment. They are the source of EMF's and they bring in the stress of daily life. They also distract you from having intimate moments with your partner.

3. Bring in fresh air to your private space by opening the windows. If it's not possible then use an air purifier or essential oils.

4. Be sure to put space on each side of the bed. Use the same things on each side and avoid putting the bed directly in line with the door.

5. Choose soothing colors. It should be cooler colors that make you calm and fall asleep easily. Colors such as white or beige or color red that brings in romance.

Five Feng Shui Keys To Attract Special Relationship

6. Put pictures that promote love such as a picture of you and your partner. You can also put paintings that promote intimacy.

7. Adjust your lighting. Use a dimmer or perhaps candle as this promotes intimacy in your relationship and make the place look warm.

No matter what the size is, a good bedroom should bring you joy and good sleep.

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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Peter Dinklage On Opportunities: "DON'T WAIT"

Reaching Your Dreams With Feng Shui

Do you feel stuck? Are you thinking about dreams as an impossible thing?

Most people are living with the past. They're unaware of the fact that they have been stuck in their life for such a long time. They keep on looking for opportunities until they get exhausted and give up.

Feng shui is not all about the placement of things. It also teaches us about putting our inner self in order. It talks about being in harmony with our inner self and our surroundings.

When there is harmony within and around us, there is clarity in everything. We can attract success if we are just fully prepared.

Below are tips on how to attract success:

1. Clear your mind and your surroundings from clutter. Clutter stagnates energy.

2.Focus your mind on the things that you want. Think about what kind of life do you want to have. Most people think the other way. They spend more time thinking about the things that they don't want.

3. Affirmation is out, askfirmation is in. Instead of saying positive statements to overcome negative thoughts, why not ask the world for the life that you want by using positive, present tense language that the universe can respond to your favor.

4. Put everything in picture. Cut photos from magazines that symbolize your dreams. Put it in places where you can see it often.

5. Put everything into action. It will put the energy of the universe into motion, aligning with your intentions.

6. Use feng shui objects that will represent your goals like photos, candles, fountains and other objects.

When everything is in harmony and in alignment with your goals, success will eventually follow.

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Saturday, 23 September 2017

The Mirrors In Feng Shui

Good Feng Shui With Mirrors

A mirror is an important accessory of the house. It's where we go to when we want to see our physical self.

In feng shui, mirrors bring the energy of the water element.  It has a number of unique abilities. It can multiply or deplete the good energy of an area. 
It's the reason why it should be used in specific areas only. 

Use the tips below in order to maximize the use of mirrors.

1.Multiply abundance by placing your mirror in the dining room. The dining room represents the capacity to hold wealth

2. Hang mirrors that reflect the beautiful views of nature. It activates Mother Nature's healthy chi.

3. Use whole mirrors which you can see yourself. Unlike fragment mirrors which makes you incomplete, whole mirrors make you feel whole.

4. Put mirrors where they can add light and movement to your space most especially in dark places. It brings in the good chi.

5. Place mirrors that will double your money. It should reflect the cash register or jewelry box or close to the front door of a shop.

6. Use mirrors for small spaces. It will make it look bigger. Bigger spaces let you breathe.

Bringing in good energy in our place do not need to be expensive. It's just a matter of putting our things in the right places.

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

The Importance of Quality Family Time

Have A Happy Family With Feng Shui

Too many deadlines at work and being stuck in the traffic are facts of life. We spend hours on the road every day going to and from work. Our boss asks us to do overtime, sometimes even on weekends.

These things keep us away from our family. It's preventing us from spending quality time with the people we love.

Feng shui is not only about the placement of things, but it also talks about life balance. Spending time with the family is cultivating a good relationship.

The three things below could improve your family's relationship:

Spend quality time with your family as often as possible. It need not be an expensive thing. A walk in the park, a good conversation over dinner or even board games after dinner.

Ask your kids about how they feel. Help them get rid of the negative feelings that they have. It's one way of unloading the bad chi.

Remind everybody of the happy times. Family pictures remind the whole family of the best things that happened in the past. Good photos include vacations, birthdays and group photos.

One thing to avoid though is hanging of pictures where one is missing. It gives a negative image on the person. Avoid putting solo pictures.

Let your children decorate their own bedroom. This will give them the impression that their voice is important to the whole family. It also brings out their creativity.

Be a fair parent. If you want to display the achievements of your child and the other has none, use artwork or portraits of the other so that none will feel unimportant.

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Feng Shui a Spa Bathroom

Feng Shui Your Bathroom

Does your bathroom help you relax and unwind or does it give you stress?

The bathroom is a sanctuary where you pamper yourself. It should be a space that can relieve you of all the stress and tension you had for the day.

In feng shui, the bathroom is considered as one of the holy trinity of your house. It is the key to your good health. It is the receiver of all the toxins and energies that you release from your body.

Pamper yourself at home by creating a spa-like environment in your bathroom.

1. Make your bathroom clean and clear at all times. Clutter will only add to your stress which is bad for your health. Get rid of unnecessary things such as expired medicine, garbage, and dirty linens or clothes.

2. Paint your bathroom with light colored shades such as yellow, blue, green and lavender. Wood element colors feed the water element giving you a sense of balance.

3. Put scented candles most especially on top of the toilet tank. Candles represent the fire element which strengthens the water element in your space. It also adds a touch of romance.

4. Bring in life energy by adding indoor plants to your space. Live plants are a good source of energy.

5. Let the fresh air flow into your space by running the fan or opening the windows to bring in the fresh air. It also prevents the growth of mold or mildew.

6. Make sure that there is proper lighting in your bathroom. It is a natural energy booster.

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The Entrepreneur In You And Feng Shui

Feng Shui Basics For Your Business

Business is tight these days. Thousands of businesses open each day, but more than half of that lost a  huge amount of money and a number of them eventually close down.

Big establishment all over the world have been using feng shui. It is a proven ancient belief practiced by successful businessmen from all parts of the world.

This belief teaches us about balance in life. It talks about the connection between men and everything that surrounds us.

If you want to transform your environment, ease stress, increase productivity and your wealth and in your company, then do this feng shui tips below.

1. Change your office space color.The blue color creates a sense of calm, gray is for institutionalisation and control and pale green color inspires creativity.

2. Use positive symbols in your office. Hang paintings that can make your day lighter. Put photos of your family. They will serve as your motivation. Make sure to use memorable pictures.

3. Plants give you a breathable space. It is a source of good energy. Choose low-maintenance plants.

4. Make sure that your desk is facing towards the entrance of your door. It signifies that you are in power and in control of the whole thing.

5. Be organized. Make a to-do list. Start with simple tasks.

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Dragon Feng Shui

Red & Dragon are both symbols of Action and Innovation.  We know the Dragon means business because he has so much fire in his breath and is often depicted in the colour Red.  Being the Dragon of Action is just great because you always get things done and act on your own ideas.  However, the 5 elements that make up our world as you can see above all have a quality of their own.

These elements are found within our homes, workplaces and even within us.  The white or grey is the metal element and it depicts how we think, our ideas and mental sharpness.  But as you can see there are two sides to everything in life because we live in a world of duality which is why there is so much conflict in the world and even within ourselves.  

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You may think that we need to have a balance of just the 5 elements as seen above; as we have the green for wood, andblue for water, red for fire and yellow for earth.  But, each of these symbols is denoted by a yin and yang sign.

The sign above whilst tries to maintain a balance it actually is constantly changing to maintain that balance.  And, who out of us has never gone off the rails?  We go to one extreme and then another and often find it difficult to find that place of neutrality, balance both within or without.

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If we look just at the white metal circle there are two extremes found within each of our minds; we can be rational, engaging and decent or we can swing the other way and be angry, narcissitic and damaging.

If we look at the water element it also has a yin yang sign.  This is denoting the two sides of our emotions-water is an emotional sign.  We can flow through life with barely enough emotion just sliding our way through superficially but the other extreme is drowning in a sea of unfliltered emotion never believing we will come out of it.  Once again, aiming for a balance within those extremes is a constant throughout our lives.

Some try to get that balance by reaching out to addictive substances which ultimately makes them swing even further to extremes.  Others' refrain from trying anything new in life, so comfort becomes the staple and nothing is ever challenged.

The Earth element also has its two extremes; manifesting in one's world - the material world where every value, identity is taken or going to the other extreme where people cannot even obtain the basics of Maslows order of necessities in which to live.

So, far from Feng Shui being about some frivolous frog at the front door this is a deep philosophy inviting you to take stock of your outward environment so that you yourself can make great gains by having a balance or maybe a neutrality in your life in a world where extremes cause so many problems.

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Monday, 18 September 2017

Feng Shui and Skyscrapers

The piece below was written by Simon Black - and I believe it is synonymous with the whole concept of how architecture and our buildings that surround us reflect back exactly what wealth we do have. Here SimonBlack illustrates how the banks and huge corporations compete with each to demonstrate their wealth by the height of their buildings.

On August 2, 2004, Bank of America broke ground on its 2.2 million square foot, NYC headquarters – the Bank of America Tower. 

The all-glass tower would rise 57 stories above midtown Manhattan, with a giant spire taking the height to 1,200 ft. It’s currently the fourth-tallest building in New York City, and it cost $1 billion. 

The next year, investment bank Goldman Sachs broke ground on its $2.4 billion headquarters in downtown NYC. 

The investment bank brought an entire village to its Battery Park City digs – including several restaurants from famed restaurateur Danny Meyer, a wine store, a florist, a bakery and a barber shop. 

In 1999, a real estate analyst named Andrew Lawrence introduced the “Skyscraper Indicator.” He notes the world’s biggest buildings are typically erected on the eve of a crisis. 

It all started with a building called 40 Wall Street. 

At the same time, another new building, The Chrysler Building, was planning a secret spire so it could claim the title of the world’s tallest tower. 

But planners for the Empire State Building had them both beat. 

The year was 1929. 

Certainly there’s a part of the Skyscraper Indicator which shows ‘peak hubris.’ Big companies have to show off how rich and successful they are. 

But more importantly, huge skyscrapers are also an indication that it’s way too easy to borrow huge sums of money. 

And that ‘easy money’ is also an indicator of the top. 

Right now we’re seeing this architectural hubris moving west… to Silicon Valley. 

In San Francisco there’s a $1.1 billion, 1,070-foot high tower, set to open next year. 

In Simon's explanation of how skyscrapers and the skyline suggest how the economy is going it is evident that big business decides often to build these huge extravaganzas just before large financial world crises.  If that is true then who knows what we are going to face in the impending fall from grace for all these major cities housing competitive skylines to indicate their wealth.

What is the skyline around where you live and what about your own environment inside your home?  That is where your wealth truly starts because what is reflecting back to you is inside of you.  

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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Simon Sinek mentions TWO Feng Shui Factors in this speech; the importance of Balance & Environment

Having listened to this talk what struck me most was that in so many other big talks by the big guys it is is inevitable that they all consistently mention TWO factors that are influential to people's wellbeing;  that is the Balance they have in their daily life and what is around them in their environment.

These are two factors that Feng Shui weaves within its philosophy; a balance of the 5 elements that is the 5 energies that exists within us all and how important it is to maintain some fire-passion; water - flow in life, wood for growth, metal for clarity of thought and groundedness for earth.

Mix that in with what is around you whilst you are present; what are the people like?  is there any nature? is it full of people who are negative or positive?  are you allowed to have dreams in this place you live and work?  is there anything inspirational in and around you? What is the energy like where you live, sleep or eat your food?

So you can see these two aspects are essential in any context it is not just for the millennials in which Simon discusses this - it is relevant to everyone but he brings attention to these two areas.

In the same way, I try to bring attention to the philosophy of the 5 elements for balance and for growth and waking people up to the environment in which they live and trying to improve it so it makes you and everybody else in it feel better.

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Thursday, 14 September 2017

The Spa Experience In Your Home

Create A Relaxing Home With Feng Shui

Spas are very in demand these days. People go to spas for different reasons. Most people visit spa because they find peace and quiet. The spa is known for cleansing, healing and enhances overall well-being.

People these days are too busy with their daily lives. These causes stress, which triggers diseases. Most people don't have the time to relax, not even in their own home.

Feng shui teaches us that a quiet and organized space is good for our health. It relaxes the mind and body. If the body is relaxed, it gets rid of the bad energy within the body.

One good way of maintaining the good energy within and around us is to make our home a spa like place.

These are the following tips on how to have a spa like experience at home:

Organize your space. Get rid of clutter. It produces bad energy which can be absorbed easily.

Paint your walls with pastel colors. Pastel colors are cool to the eyes.

Add indoor plants to your living room. Indoor plants produce oxygen and it makes the space cooler.

Use indoor fountain. Flowing water is considered as good feng shui. It gives you the impression that you are with nature.

Hang billowy curtains. It adds a soft touch to the whole place.

Play relaxing music. Classical music or the sound of nature is always pleasant to the ears.

Use scented candles. Candlelight looks gentle and the nice scent keeps you calm and helps you focus, concentrate or let you fall asleep.

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Feng Shui The Three Main Areas In Your House

Basic Feng Shui Principles For Your House

Our house is our sanctuary. It's a place that is often considered as our Haven. A place where we feel safe, secure or protected.

However, because of our busy lifestyle, our house is often times neglected. Too much shopping and overtime work lead us to have a very disorganized house.

In feng shui, clutter clearing is very important. Clutter is stagnant and it slowly drains our energy. It also blocks the good energy in all areas of our life.

A clutter free house brings in good energy. When our house is clean and organized, we have the energy to face the day. We can think things clearly, control our temper and give our family fresh air to breathe.

Here are the areas in our house that we should keep clutter free:

Our door represents us. It is considered as the gateway of chi or good energy in our life. Keep your door and entry way free from clutter. Avoid putting things that are not related to the door and entry way.

Make it clean and presentable at all times.

Our bedroom is our personal space in our house. Remove items that will keep you from having a good sleep such as television and other gadgets. Make sure that work-related things are not in the bedroom. The space under the bed should also be free from clutter.

Get rid of the things that are connected with your past relationships.

The kitchen is related to our health. It is the part of our house where we cook the food that will nourish the whole family.

Start with the cleaning of the refrigerator. Get rid of all the leftovers or better yet, avoid cooking a lot of food to prevent from having leftovers.

Refrain from buying and using chemicals for cleaning the kitchen. Use organic or chemical free products if possible.

When our house is clean and clutter free, we are taking good care of our family. We are keeping our whole family away from physical, emotional and mental stress.

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Monday, 11 September 2017

Happiness And Feng Shui

Be Truly Happy Through Feng Shui

What is happiness? Most people think that happiness is an elusive state. Philosophers, theologians and a whole bunch of people have all been trying to define the real meaning of that word.

Happiness is a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life. It comes when you feel satisfied and fulfilled. It means a good life or a flourishing life.

Finding happiness is easier than what we think. Feng shui is a wonderful yet simple way to bring happiness into your life by bringing in good energy into your space.

Here are the things you should do to bring in happiness into your life:

Get rid of clutter in your space. Clutter is a stagnant energy. When you are surrounded by stagnant energy, it will also stagnate your life.

Do some space cleansing. Remove all the bad energies in your space by doing space cleansing or house blessing.

Surround yourself with natural light and live plants. The outside world is full of pollution and stress. Make your home a well-ventilated space.

Give your bedroom a makeover. Get rid of television and other electronic devices that will keep you from having a good sleep.

Play relaxing music like the sound of a flute, water or chirping birds. You can also put wind chimes in your space and listen to its sound while the wind gently blows on your skin.

When everything around us is in order, we are at peace. When we are calm, we tend to think things clearly. We often come up with the right decisions which make our lives better and happier.

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Sunday, 10 September 2017

What is Vibration? Vibrations & Feng Shui

At 1.14 towards the end of this discussion Clif High eloquently explains the formation of vibration-the very essence of what affects you throughout your life not only your own vibration but around others' too.  It is the vibration you find in all the environments you have ever visited as we are all made up of a geometry that is influenced by patterns created from within - DNA and patterns without; environments.

How he describes the two fluctuations remind me of yin and yang and that is why our life is a life of Duality.  The mind lives within this duality and that is why we are constantly - within the geometry of life - hovering between extremes of good and bad; up and down, and in the FengShui system from yin and yang is the basis of the 5 elements where energies are splintering off which affect every aspect of our lives.

Then he goes on to talk about the frequency in which we are all coming from - if you are emanating a certain frequency you are not likely to connect with slower energies.  This is relevant to what lies around you-if the frequency is slow due to clutter, negative space patterns, poor signals in your home and work place then that will determine or influence your own energy.  That is why ensuring wha tis around you is how you want to feel, be and directs you in your own life.

Want to know more about this?  Want to change your environment your home then make sure the Door of your Life has positive Vibes!

So I think this sums up what Clif is talking about; make sure your entrance, your Doorways are all about ensuring the frequency is Right.  Go to to find out more.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Bring In Good Feng Shui In Your Home Through Pets

The Good And Bad Feng Shui Of Pets

Do you keep a pet in your home? What kind of pet do you have?

Every space has its own energy. Our house, offices and even cars have good or bad energy.  These energies affect our mood, relationship, and even finances.

Most of us are living with pets. Most of the time, they are considered part of the family. They serve as our companion and friend.

In feng shui, pets are known to generate good chi. Because of their constant movements, they tend to spread that good energy wherever they go.

However, pets also absorb the negative energies that we spread or leave in a place. This will cause them loneliness. When pets are lonely, they refuse to go around your home or lessen the flow of good chi which brings bad feng shui.

Here are tips on good feng shui for pets:

Nourish your pet every day so they will have the energy to move around. This will create a continuous flow of good energy.

Do not lock your pets in a cage. This will lessen their movement.

Give your pets a place of its own. Sleeping with pets can affect your personal relationships.

Always clean your space. Get rid of their waste and make sure that your place is odorless.

Don't let pets overwhelm your life. Avoid displaying too many photos of your pets.

Be mindful of the feng shui elements of your pets. Cats belong to the wood element and dogs belong to the earth element.

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Friday, 8 September 2017

Feng Shui Basics For The Family

Feng Shui For A Peaceful And Happy Home

What kind of family do you have? How often do you spend happy time with them? Do you always look forward on seeing them?

Television, movies and even in ads, images of happy families are always present. We all have have the knowledge on how it looks like. 

It is often said that the main goal of feng shui is to promote harmony around you and a healthy well-being.

Using feng shui in the family is essential to help you create a happy and healthy home.

Below are basic feng shui tips on how to create a happy and healthy home:

1. Take care of your home. Make it clean and clutter free all the time. A messy home drains away everybody's energy.

2. Let everybody reminisce the happy memories by putting fun family pictures in your living room and kitchen.

3. Be careful of the things that you use. Try to use natural and organic things to protect your family's health. 

Taking care of our home means taking care of our family. After all, a healthy family is a happy family.

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Feng Shui - Clutter In Your Life

The Effects Of Materialism And Feng Shui

Are you surrounded by material things? Are you happy?

Studies show that Americans today have twice as many cars, and eat twice as much per person but are less happy than the people 55 years ago.

We live in a consumer culture and value material possessions. We tend to spend more time on material things rather than good relationships.

Clutter affects us emotionally, mentally and physically. It takes away our energy. It leaves us with unproductivity, affects our health and even our relationship. It can also be the cause of stress and depression. It makes us difficult to relax, creates feelings of guilt and sends us signal that our work is not done.

In feng shui, life is energy. Our inner peace is connected with our surroundings. When our surrounding is organized, we feel at ease. We can think things clearly, we feel lighter and happier. Our health and our personal relationship also improve.

Clutter clearing doesn't only mean physical. It also includes mental and emotional. It means clearing our personal space or deep within us that we may be able to function in society properly.

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The Broken Clock In Feng Shui

The Relationship Of Feng Shui and Time

Do you own a clock? Is it moving?

Tick tock, tick tock. Clocks are supposed to give us the exact time. It serves as a reminder that each passing time is forever gone.

Most of us have one, two or more clocks. The problem is most homes keeps a broken clock. Some clocks have been there for years and people don't even mind.

In feng shui, clocks play an important role in our life.It can either give you good or bad energy.

Feng shui believes that anything that is broken should be fixed and if you can't fix them, try to get rid of them.

A broken clock is considered bad feng shui. It is a form of clutter. When you fix the clock, you improve good feng shui in your space.

If you don't feel like fixing it then let it go and move on.. Get yourself something new and make way for new things in your life.

It also represents dead time. It means the time lost in your work or personal life.

A broken clock means stuckness. It means that there's some part of your life that is not moving well.
Repairing the clock will make you feel that everything is moving.

The clock is just one of the most important things that we have in our house and in our life. Use it to your advantage and use it as a good feng shui.

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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Feng Shui & Veritaseum Update

You may think what has Feng Shui got to do with the current innovations curdling up from the centres of mathematical engineering and architecture in the world of Finance.

Big words for me because what would I know?  I am a Feng Shui Consultant and what has that got to do with the coming tide of crypto currency changes and software tokens where exchanges for services, investments and assets can totally bypass all those middlemen who take the bulk of any profits?  Well I will tell you.

Feng Shui is from an ancient text called the Book of Changes; and that is exactly what we are about to witness.  I can hear the march of change, much needed in the way the manipulation of energy money flows in and throughout the world.  Yes the flow is moving towards an ever deminishing circle of just the few not because they have more Fiat currency but because they hold a monopoly and a stranglehold over businesses and their networks to flourish organically.

The Breakdown of the meaning of the word VERITASEUM means Truth in Motion.  This also relates to the I Ching; the group of hexagrams that demonstrates that no matter where one is in life transformation is a certain-movement that we apparently feel we are part of is unfolding a different situation, a different set of circumstances.   Some of the 6 hexagram lines move changing the whole energy behind the Hexagrams-this is the story of our Lives.

The guy above, Reggie Middleton, he has an idea, and that Idea is Big for Change!  His technology is not about a cryptocurrency, it's not about buying assets or commodities but from what I understand its an invitation to do business on a platform where there is no middleman.  In order to do that business on that platform you have to buy a key so you can use and access what is available.  Bottom line it pushes the go betweeners out of the deals and allows those in the deal to do the Deal.

So, the analogy to FengShui is that when you change your environment things shift inside and outside of you-you get new ideas, you get to speak to new people with different kinds of imagination.

Likewise here, I see the tide of change coming along and Reggie Middleton is going to be introducing just some of those changes - its already a digital world but now we are entering a zone whereby our transactions, our powers to consume with be dealt with through a completely different architecture.

That is why FengShui is so much more than we really realise.  When changes come those who cant assimilate them are often left powerless - am not saying meet and greet the technological age and forget about nature as Nature is integral to Feng Shui too.  But what it does tell me is when Nature meets Techchnology what matters most to you as an individual is BALANCE.

So, ensure your own Balance that lies within and without and one way to access that is understanding how Feng Shui works;

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Your Health And Feng Shui

Have Good Health For Feng Shui

We often hear people say "health is wealth." That money is nothing if good health is missing.

Feng shui talk about creating a well-balanced life. It deals with harmony around us, inside of us and the connection of our surroundings to our health.

When applying feng shui to our health, we should do the basic things first.

Here are a few but important basic feng shui tips for your health and home:

Welcome sunlight into your space. Molds and mildews can grow in our space. It triggers allergies. When we bring in the natural source of sunlight into our space, we minimize the growth of these fungi, keeping our family healthy and safe.

Make way for a well-ventilated space. Most houses these days are using a centralized air conditioner.
From morning until evening, we let our family inhale stale air. By opening our windows and putting live plants inside our spaces, we are letting fresh air into our place. We give our family healthy air to breathe.

A clean and neat space is essential to our health. Clutter is the hiding place of dust and dust is a good company of germs. Clutter also makes us grumpy and lazy, thereby affecting our way of life. Get rid of unnecessary things in your house. Let go of anything that's been dragging you in your life.

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Friday, 1 September 2017

" Feng Shui "at Chateau de Cazine

No matter how big or small the building the same principles in Feng Shui are the same; BALANCE!

This property has a great balance of all the 5 elements that makes you feel at peace when you arrive.  Behind the building is an amazing Aboreteum with a variety of trees all supporting the backside of the building.  The elements of earth and wood keep the Castle supported and growing.

In front of the property there is an amazing huge lake - water element always synonymous with wealth.  People enjoy the water by sailing and fishing in this amazing area.

Although this Castle is only 40 minutes away from Limoges it commands a huge presence over acres of land that allows you to roam free amongst some amazing medievil buildings.  It is here you can become aware of the presence of centuries of history and who once lived there.  This is all a necessity to understanding your own feng shui because ask yourself who lived in your space where you live now.  How does this affect you?

It is not enough to put a lick of paint on an old building and give it a little clean.  Buildings like these have to be space cleared - a building as big as this could take some weeks to do that so that it feels lighter and is thoroughly cleansed.

In ensuring that the negative patterns are swept away and dealt with you have to physically not only clean the building but cleanse it in the old fashioned way that most cultures have been performing for centuries; using smudging, incense, mirrors, crystals, salt, vinegar, lemon and so much more.

Want to know how to do this where you live?  If you go to you will see the tools you require to get started and the videos on how to actually use those very tools so you can get started right away and start to feel as light as a feather, and let go like a balloon.