Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Feng Shui The Three Main Areas In Your House

Basic Feng Shui Principles For Your House

Our house is our sanctuary. It's a place that is often considered as our Haven. A place where we feel safe, secure or protected.

However, because of our busy lifestyle, our house is often times neglected. Too much shopping and overtime work lead us to have a very disorganized house.

In feng shui, clutter clearing is very important. Clutter is stagnant and it slowly drains our energy. It also blocks the good energy in all areas of our life.


A clutter free house brings in good energy. When our house is clean and organized, we have the energy to face the day. We can think things clearly, control our temper and give our family fresh air to breathe.

Here are the areas in our house that we should keep clutter free:

Our door represents us. It is considered as the gateway of chi or good energy in our life. Keep your door and entry way free from clutter. Avoid putting things that are not related to the door and entry way.

Make it clean and presentable at all times.

Our bedroom is our personal space in our house. Remove items that will keep you from having a good sleep such as television and other gadgets. Make sure that work-related things are not in the bedroom. The space under the bed should also be free from clutter.

Get rid of the things that are connected with your past relationships.

The kitchen is related to our health. It is the part of our house where we cook the food that will nourish the whole family.

Start with the cleaning of the refrigerator. Get rid of all the leftovers or better yet, avoid cooking a lot of food to prevent from having leftovers.


Refrain from buying and using chemicals for cleaning the kitchen. Use organic or chemical free products if possible.

When our house is clean and clutter free, we are taking good care of our family. We are keeping our whole family away from physical, emotional and mental stress.

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