Sunday, 28 April 2019

Reggie Middleton & Team Veritaseum in Dubai: Learn What We Do & What We'...

Whenever, you create systemic changes the diverse reactions from people often illustrate how people responds to new endeavours.  The #changes that Reggie is introducing, as he says, shifts the focus away from how the old systems work and out of them come the new concepts.  People are resistant to the shifts in paradigms because it means you have to #change as a person.

The #block #chain is basically threatening the old system because in this way it allows you the #investor to reap more of the #rewards and the middle man is cut off from that unless they join in the #block #chain too.

Often when people are resistant they, like King Canute, are stubborn and support the old systems even though the castles are falling away.

#Reggie is talking about #contracts for you the investor to deal with other #investors without getting anybody else involved.

Likewise, #Fengshui is just the precursor in terms of becoming adaptable and changing when the scenery of old is about to #melt, #collapse and something #new as in the #blockchain is now emerging.

Basically, he sells #tokens to access information that has been so well researched that you act upon that knowledge.  Those #tokens can be rented out or sold in order for people to be best informed resulting in better #recommendations.

All #new ideas, businesses that run contrary initially to the norm eventually make their own mark - even though they struggle initially.  His business #model allows people to be well informed as to whether to invest or not as well as being able to