Sunday, 23 April 2017

Feng Shui & The Power of Sound Vibrations

Yes, who hasn't heard those striking, reverberating sounds of the singing bowls vibrating sounds that

seem to go on forever.  I interviewed my friend Ongar with his selection of singing bowls he sells to

people to all over the world and usually its for the reason for cleansing their spaces and enjoying the

peaceful sounds they create.  Enjoy this interview about the singing bowls here

and discover how creating your own rituals resonates a cleansing of your own home and business


We talked about the elements; earth, fire, water, wood and metal - all required to create the balance

people desire in their life; whether it be in their diet or how they establish their homes, spaces and

anything else outside of you.

The quality of the metal and the ingredient you choose inside of the bowl; salt, rice and water - to see

these ingredients move with the vibration of the bowls is magical to see but more importantly the

power of these elements, earth, water have an alchemical affect on your space - water creates

negative ions into the atmosphere and thereby balancing the feeling and atmosphere in your room.

Having rice or salt acts as a cleansing ingredient upon the atmosphere.

Why not listen to Ongar here and try it out for yourself.  Enjoy!

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