Sunday, 27 August 2017

Money And Feng Shui

Wealth Within Your Reach

Feng shui is an ancient philosophy that deals with movement of objects to invite good energy into our space.

Money is energy. In feng shui, there are different ways to attract health, prosperity and abundance.

Here are the tips on how to attract wealth in your life:

1.) Get rid of clutter in your place. Clutter mean stuck energy. Learn how to live in an organized space.

2.) Make space for good energy. Don't accumulate unnecessary stuffs in your home. Create an open space into your home and let good energy come in.

3.) Use water cures in your home. Money is water and indoor fountains can bring that wealth energy into your home. If you don't like fountains, try to use wall decors that has images of waterfalls and nature.

4.) Use the power of plants. You can put the money plant or the lucky bamboo in your living space.

5.) Place feng shui symbols in your living room. Some people choose a Laughing Buddha or a golden ship of wealth.

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