Thursday, 7 September 2017

Feng Shui - Clutter In Your Life

The Effects Of Materialism And Feng Shui

Are you surrounded by material things? Are you happy?

Studies show that Americans today have twice as many cars, and eat twice as much per person but are less happy than the people 55 years ago.

We live in a consumer culture and value material possessions. We tend to spend more time on material things rather than good relationships.

Clutter affects us emotionally, mentally and physically. It takes away our energy. It leaves us with unproductivity, affects our health and even our relationship. It can also be the cause of stress and depression. It makes us difficult to relax, creates feelings of guilt and sends us signal that our work is not done.

In feng shui, life is energy. Our inner peace is connected with our surroundings. When our surrounding is organized, we feel at ease. We can think things clearly, we feel lighter and happier. Our health and our personal relationship also improve.

Clutter clearing doesn't only mean physical. It also includes mental and emotional. It means clearing our personal space or deep within us that we may be able to function in society properly.

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