Sunday, 28 April 2019

Reggie Middleton & Team Veritaseum in Dubai: Learn What We Do & What We'...

Whenever, you create systemic changes the diverse reactions from people often illustrate how people responds to new endeavours.  The #changes that Reggie is introducing, as he says, shifts the focus away from how the old systems work and out of them come the new concepts.  People are resistant to the shifts in paradigms because it means you have to #change as a person.

The #block #chain is basically threatening the old system because in this way it allows you the #investor to reap more of the #rewards and the middle man is cut off from that unless they join in the #block #chain too.

Often when people are resistant they, like King Canute, are stubborn and support the old systems even though the castles are falling away.

#Reggie is talking about #contracts for you the investor to deal with other #investors without getting anybody else involved.

Likewise, #Fengshui is just the precursor in terms of becoming adaptable and changing when the scenery of old is about to #melt, #collapse and something #new as in the #blockchain is now emerging.

Basically, he sells #tokens to access information that has been so well researched that you act upon that knowledge.  Those #tokens can be rented out or sold in order for people to be best informed resulting in better #recommendations.

All #new ideas, businesses that run contrary initially to the norm eventually make their own mark - even though they struggle initially.  His business #model allows people to be well informed as to whether to invest or not as well as being able to 

Monday, 6 August 2018

The Summer Season And Feng Shui

Feng Shui Tips For Summer

Summer is already here. The temperature is getting hotter which makes our home an uncomfortable place.

In the old days, humans spend time ensuring that they live in harmony with nature. However, these days, most people seem disconnected from nature which in turn causes us to feel stuck.

Feng shui means wind and water. It's an ancient philosophy that teaches us about being in harmony within and around us.

In feng shui, the summer season belongs to the fire element. It is associated with the hot and yang energy. It brings creativity, drive, warmth, and self-confidence which means there's more energy. However, too much fire energy in us makes us feel irritable, restless or drained.

Summer is connected to the reputation and fame. In the Bagua map, the fame and reputation sector can be found at the back middle section of your office or home.

To bring balance to your place, rearranging your space will do. Adding yin in your space, which is the lighter and calmer energy will do.

Below are the summer tips that you can do if there's too much yang in your place:

1. Add your colours in your home like blue or purple.

2. Live plants are a must in every home. Live indoor plants keep the air and temperature down, helps reduce stress and increases your focus. Definitely, a vital thing that you need to make you feel relax.

3. Add the water element in your home by putting a water fountain in front of your home and make sure that it is flowing towards your house. This represents the energy of abundance moving in your direction.

4. The amethyst is great in cooling your home. It gets rid of the negative and stuck energy in your house.

These little changes can help you create a cooler and more balanced home this summer season.

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Sunday, 29 July 2018

The Wood Element And Feng Shui

The Power Of The Wood Element

The wood element is one of the five elements in feng shui that can be easily found all over the house. It is said to have the energy of a live and healthy tree. It is more of a yang which means it is masculine and active and has less yin or the receptive and feminine.

The wood element is associated with the spring season and new life or beginnings. This element has the combines qualities of flexibility and strength.

The colours that best represent the woold element are green and brown. These strengthen the qualities of the wood element.

The energy of this element are the energies of unlimited growth, vision, abundance, survival and steadiness.

The bagua areas for the wood element are the east, southeast and south. The north, centre, northwest,
and southwest areas of your home should be well taken care of as these areas do not like this element.

To bring in the wood element in your home, you can use healthy plants, images of forests and wooden furniture.

In the productive cycle, the water strengthens the wood element and the wood element strengthens the fire element. Adding the water element allows you to have more wood energy while adding wood strengthens the fire element.

In the destructive side, the wood element weakens the earth and the metal element weakens the wood. Adding the metal can weaken the wood in your space and adding wood lessens the earth element.

Creating balance in your home means using the 5 elements evenly. Too much wood hampers your ability to make decisions or develop ideas while too little wood element gives you a feeling of being stuck in a rut.

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Friday, 27 July 2018

The Fire Element In Feng Shui

The Power Of The Fire Element

The fire element is one of the five elements in feng shui. The element is known to be the most masculine among the five elements. It's more of a yang than a yin.

The fire element is known to be the energy of happiness and joyful celebrations. It is known as the energy of love and romance. It represents passion and sexual desire. It is a joy giving element. It brightens the space and brings out a creative presence in the area.

The colour of the fire element is red or shades of red. However, when the element is more on the feminine side, it belongs to the purple colour.

Just like the other elements, this element should be used to create balance. Using too much of this can be overwhelming. The fire element should be used in areas where it needs to be strengthened.

This energy is associated with traits such as action, anger, leadership, dynamism, aggression, grief, spirituality, joy, frustration and vanity.

The shape that represents the fire energy is the triangle. Pointed shapes like the star bring in this energy in your home.

The wood element nourishes the fire element while the water element weakens the fire energy in a place.

The bagua areas for the fire element are the southwest, south, centre and the northeast. The east, west, southeast and the northwest side of your home should be well taken care of as these areas do not like this element.

Use red accessories to bring in this energy into your place. Good lighting is vital in bringing in this energy. Decorations like artworks that feature animals or people, animal prints and even raising a pet cat or dog represent the warm nature of fire.

Remember that this element is related to your emotional health. Having a good laugh to start your day brings out this energy in you.

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Friday, 20 July 2018

The Earth Element In Feng Shui

The Power Of The Earth Element

The earth element is one of the five elements in feng shui. It brings protections, stability, and security to your home. Among the five elements in feng shui, the earth element is the most grounding. It increases comfort and supports peace, calm and stillness.

The shape the represent this element is square which happens to be the most stable and grounded of all shapes. The rectangular shape, horizontal lines, and flat surfaces also evoke this element too.

The colour that best represents the earth element is yellow along with the other tones like the light brown.

The earth element is associated with your physical health and the state of your home. It helps you address the clutter and the weight-gain in your life.

In the creative cycle, it is nourished by fire and in turn, nourished the metal element. It solidifies the precious metals. While in the controlling cycle, it is being controlled by the wood element.

The element of the earth is represented in the three areas of the bagua map. The three areas are the relationship area which can be found on the upper right, the health area which is at the center and the knowledge area which is located in the lower left of the bagua.

There are many ways to bring the earth element into your home. You can use natural crystals, stones,  and even potted plants. Ceramics, bricks, and pottery are good earth element materials for your home.

Remember that a balanced home requires not just the proper placement of things but also the presence of all the five elements.

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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The One Thing Only 1% of People Do | TRY IT FOR 21 DAYS and Success Will...

In this video, we hear some of the most successful people say one thing! #ENVIRONMENT!

That is one of the most controlling influences in peoples' lives.  It is not just about the buildings, the nature around you but the people around you.  They can shrink or expand your vision with their attitudes, aspirations and expectations.

Now we are hearing some of the biggest speakers in the #personal #development world reiterate the #Power of the #Environment.  What is it saying to you and how can you ensure it is influencing you in the best way possible?

Most people have no idea of the concept of #disicpline in the environment.  They continue to sluggishly get by in the disarray that is always around them and then wonder why they have made no progress.  How many times have I reminded people year after year what they need to do to get clarity and each year I return they live in the same environmental confusion despite having someone there to support them.  Often people do not move until trauma or pain shifts them to do so.

Go to my website or #instagram account on fengshui4you where there are lots of ideas whether in business, at home or work where you can make the changes to your environment so they are inspiring you to be the best that you can BE.

Recently I saw an interview talking about vision boards but the reality is that your whole home, business is one big vision board.  You have to create around you the very essence of what it is you want to feel, be, see in your life.

One of the first things you can start to do to get some clarity in your life is to get rid of your clutter.

Then Cleanse your space like the ancient peoples did centuries ago because they understood the power of the invisibility of energetic patterns in our dwellings.

Start creating a space that carries the very idea and essence of what you would like for yourself in your life.  Improved health, travel to foreign places, kids all around you and ensure your environment holds these images for you in a positive way.

If you don't #Discipline your space it will #control you.

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Sunday, 15 July 2018

The Metal Element In Feng Shui

The Power Of The Metal Element

The metal element is one of the five elements in feng shui. The right placement of metal in the room can improve the flow of good energy.

The metal element is yin in nature. It signifies the energy moving inward. It represents intelligence, life, and energy. It also represents success and it brings power. The metal element focuses on logic and mental clarity.

The earth element strengthens the metal element and in turn, strengthens the water element. So you can use it to strengthen the water element in your home.

However, one negative aspect of the metal element is that it weakens the wood element. So, to create balance, just add a small touch of the fire element to minimize its impact.

The metal colours are white, silver and gold. Its shapes are circle, oval or crescent. It is considered the purest shape since its line never end.

The best things to use to decorate your home with the metal element are coins, bells, metal objects such as iron, aluminum silver, steel, and gold. Pictures of coins can also be used as decorations.

You can also use wind chimes, metallic Buddha's, vases, artwork that depicts the metal element and flatware.

The presence of this element in your space, whether home or office minimizes or helps eliminate the distractions. It creates clarity and the energy of calm.

It also brings the qualities of precision, efficiency and sharpness.

In the Bagua areas of your home, this element is the best in the north, west and northwest areas. This element does not go with the east, southeast, northeast, southwest, centre and the east area in your home.

A balanced space requires proper placement of things. Use this element to optimize the flow of chi in your place.

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