Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Feng Shui & Raising the Energy of Your Home

Everybody experiences their surroundings differently but people for many different reasons find themselves in situations they feel stuck.  One of the reasons why people feel stuck in their life, if they looked around in their home, business, would be staring them in their face.

However, you have to factor in to the fact that we all have blindspots and we dont always see what is right in front of us.  As I have said before our environments become so comfortable that it feels like a pair of old slippers or old wallpaper.

It isn't until we leave that environment such as going away for a short trip or a holiday abroad we come back to our homes and we look and see this place we live and often we dont recognise it.  We ask do I really live here?  Everything seems so strange - objects, energies, colours, the energy is often stagnant because no one has been there for a couple of weeks so you realise the energy associated with our homes is inextricably linked.

That is why I suggest hang up a crystal, or a curlywee or something that moves and interacts with the light coming into your home via the windows, doors so that there is some resonance and energy whilst you are away.

Have you ever returned to your home after work and - depending on the compass directions - you return home and the house is full of rainbows across the walls?  That is what happened to me - around about 4pm in the home the sun from the west shone into the home with the glass crystal refracting colours of the rainbow it was such an uplift as well as an engaging interaction with the invisible and the elements of nature.

It could also be first thing in the morning when the light shines in from the east - it is an uplifter to find rainbows in the morning flooding into your home and what a great way to start your day with all that colour and dynamism - the only way is up on days like that.

So, why not set up your home for joy, happiness, love and great dynamism.  Go to www.wealthyspaces.com and in my space clearing box you get a beautiful crystal with handmade beads attached to it so it is individual to yourself. 

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