Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Who Controls All of Our Money?

This is an excellent question and yet we all seek out or are focused on this stuff from an early age for all kinds of reasons.  I was very focused on money because it was the scene of so many disputes in our house so much so that by the age of 8 I was (unbeknownst to myself) creating my own business out the concept of
 S P A C E  -
 yes it was that special space in the street in which I lived.

The first few times were hair raising - my job was to apportion the space to the fans of Everton and Liverpool Football Club in the U.K.  So, when they arrived in their flash cars (because we didn't have one so anything with four wheels was considered flash) all the kids would screech

"Can I mind your car please Sir?"

Of course, because I turned up regularly and because I was always present drivers noticed me so I began to acquire the bulk of the cars to watch over.  Of course there were some mishaps but it taught me  how to communicate; what people valued and above all a sense of trust and security.

So, returning to this video above; my money rolled in and I began to be the richest kid on the block and the family.  Once I reached age 13 I was setting up a stall in a market with my Mum selling jewellery & fancy goods.  I sold to the teachers and friends in school, I learnt the words profit and loss.  It wasn't about the money when I look back but all the other skills I had garnered along the way.

By the age of 16 years I was studying in my lunch time on the day I was working in the market and what I realise now is, that, it wasn't the skills and knowledge I learnt at school that has helped me in my life but the skills from the sideline businesses.

So, the flow of money was good but we were never taught what this video above details.  The only one salient lesson I learnt in maths was the movement and flow of Compound Interest!

I didn't know what it meant but I instinctively understood it.  We were never taught how to save, or how to invest and what was an asset.  Don't be silly this was not for the likes of the working class kid in Liverpool.

No, but I did understand profit and loss and that if you were putting all your hours in you had to ask yourself where is the profit?  To quote Robert Kyosaki: Pay Yourself First!  I knew that concept because I had learnt it from a very early age.

This video is an affront to the blood, sweat and tears of all the folks who work and dedicated their precious time for a monetary return.  I recall in 1974  my Mum condemning the action of Nixon taking us off the gold standard and I recall she bought me a gold charm bracelet for £50 - I didn't know what she was talking about - but since I have now realised the value is in the gold not in the paper - take a trip to India is basic knowledge.

What was the value of gold and what did it have to do with dollars.  Then, next stage was aged 18 I found myself teaching english on the island of Crete, Greece.  One thing really stood out and I phoned my Mum and said; "What's all this about an American Dollar?  All these people seem to want and are obsessed with the American dollar as well as Adidas, LaCoste etc . In fact I wrote a poem about what appeared to be the lost civilisation of Greece and the degeneration into what appeared to me to be the American culture being honoured.  That poem got me an A+++ in Creative Writing @ A Level but I do digress..........

What I discovered then was this concept of the American dollar being the reserve currency - this was something we definitely were not taught at school and I find that now the education system is a deliberate attempt to bamboozle the students and distract them so that at no point do they discover the
truth as outlined in the Above Video.

Having spent thousands of pounds in my latter years becoming financially educated and of course making the major mistakes I discovered how the rich buy assets and the poor buy consumer items.  That is exactly what they are; to be consumed, eaten, digested and thrown away including the big black box on the wall!

I could write more but this is just a small window of my journey in life with regard to the importance of one's financial status but it must be focused upon in relation to everything else in our life; and that is where I began to study the 5 Elemental Balance from the I Ching and the philosophy of FengShui.

There will be more revealed no doubt about how we have all had the wool pulled over our eyes since we were children but videos such as this and Michael Maloney's amazing education on Money will outshine all education in the classroom.

If you want to discover more about the Cycle of Wealth go to :http://bit.ly/2hOXPzo

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