Monday, 12 June 2017

Meditation & Inner Feng Shui

All it takes is one drop of time, one moment to realise that peace, quiet and tranquility is the fuel of

your life.  Without that silence from time to time how do you sustain yourself?  Getting away from

the melodrama matrix, the duality of conflict and contradictions, the search for illusions that become

lost in illusions this one moment within makes up for all the time lost as the silence, peace and

balance is restored.

With so much external stimulation like IT devices, tv, news channels, people's conversation,

billboards we think we aren't being affected but this all starts in the school class room probably

even before that!  We are distracted, taken off guard, our focus is shifted from one bright light to

another and before long our own desires, passions and equilibrium are lost and in some cases for a

very long time if not a lifetime.

As I write a fly is determined to distract me from my focus and emotional balance taking me to other

parts of the room and off my main goal - to write.  And, this is how life is; we can set our target but

other distractions come into play and its the subliminal one's that are so insidious as for us never

really to be aware of that power over us.

So, here are a list of people who have used this one focused vision of meditating to achieve what

they wanted in the world;

 irregardless of who these people are its all about YOU in the end.

So if you are wanting to get started yourself look at a few of my home meditation teachings - and join

me soon on the inner feng shui journey of meditation; that is guiding you how to discover all the

Treasures you ever needed that are within you now:

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