Tuesday, 1 August 2017

7 Feng Shui Tips For Your Wealth

Your Wealth And Feng Shui

Money does not come if you will not work hard for it, and making money is not easy when there's too much chaos in your surroundings.

One of the main reasons why we wake up in the morning is to earn a living. We are motivated by becoming financially independent. What other people don't understand is that creating wealth is connected with the things around us.


A cluttered home, or office is a place that's filled with negative energy. These energies affect our decision making, health, and relationships. When everything is in chaos, our finances suffer.


Good feng shui in our space does not give you wealth if you don't strive for it. However, it gives you the essential support to attract the energy of money.

Enumerated below are tips on how to create and grow your wealth.

1. Take care of your door. It is where the house get its intake of energy, whether they be good, or bad. Be sure to clear it from any clutter, and obstructions. Put feng shui symbols of protection, abundance, and good luck.

2. Organize your place. A clutter free home, business, or office attracts good energy. It is home to wealth energy.

3. Know your money area. Locate your money area, and create good feng shui.

4. Gold, gold and gold. The color of wealth is gold. Display wealth feng shui cures and symbols. They speak to you of wealth and abundance.

5. Put some crystals on your space. Citrine and pyrite crystals are long known for attracting wealth, so it is often used in feng shui wealth applications. Decorate these crystals on a feng shui gem tree in your money corner.

6. Use some indoor fountains. They are very powerful feng shui cures to attract wealth energy, and fresh Chi. You can also use images of flowing water such as waterfalls, seas, and river. Water is an ancient symbol of wealth.

7. Use some mirrors. Mirrors are the absolute must have feng shui wealth magnet. They bring more light, and energy of the water feng shui element in your space.

8. Don't forget to cleanse your space to remove the energy debris that has built up over time. Once you perform the cleansing, the energy of the space lifts, brightens, and circulates freely.

If done properly, these simple steps can be your best tool to a better life. For more information about feng shui and for consultation, you can visit my website at www.wealthyspaces.com.
Allow feng shui into your life because you deserve something better.

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